Wednesday, 21 December 2011

An unsent letter

Meeerrrrrryyyy Christmaaassss! :) :) Ho Ho Ho.!!

Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way :)

No matter how old you are or who you are or where you stay, everyone loves to celebrate Christmas. It’s the day when Jesus Christ was born. It’s worth all the celebrations though.

Joy to the world! The Lord has come. :) Joy to the world! The Lord has come. Let earth receive her King! Let every heart prepare a room for him and heaven and nature sing.
All those Christmas Carols, wow the feel all around the world is amazing!

It is celebrated all around the world but especially in the western countries, they celebrate in an awesome way! During this season I always wish I was born somewhere near the North Pole. :P

Santa Claus is coming to town. :):)
Now the reason is very obvious "I’m a good girl" AND Santa says: Be good throughout the year and you will get what you want.

A small incident I wanna share:

Years back when I was watching Cartoon Network an ad flashed. It says write your letter to Santa and he will reply. :):) Well! The moment of joy yeaaah!

I was too young so obviously I didn’t know my residential address. I wrote a biiig letter. I don’t even remember what I wrote. I got up early in the night and I didn’t tell anyone at my place. I was not willing to ask them the address. Then I checked out some postal letters and wrote my address. I was too happy thinking now my wishes will be fulfilled. That night I slept and next morning my letter went missing. :(
My "unsent letter". I was upset for a long time and later I got to know that my sisters flicked it. :P

This season spreads bliss and love all around. :) The belief that Santa is there and he will gift you is just within. :) I always had sleepless nights during Christmas time thinking Santa might just come now and now! Hoping he might come anytime. Aaaahhh! The hardest but my favorite part was waiting for Santa to surprise me.

As I grew I got to know there is Santa but not just in the North Pole but everywhere around. That everyone around us is a Santa in their own way. J Those who keeps a check of what you want and those who love you. :) This is little upsetting that the real Santa doesn’t come. Still I wanna believe that someday he will come dashing through the snow. :):):)

The simple child like belief still makes me write letters to him every year for Christmas on this site:
The best part is an instant reply which makes me Woooohooo even today :) I just sent him my wishes and you can do so as well. You never know he might come down just for you. There is no harm in believing that Santa Claus is coming to town. :):) Now that everything around has become expensive it might take Santa some time to get my gifts. :)

Everybody reading this, I’m sure you will agree that it has nothing to do with age. So just write your wishes on that site. It makes me Happy and I’m hoping the same at your end.

Lots of love,
Meeeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy Christmass...
Now my letters are posted and so I’m happy. :):)

Write all your wishes and worries. I will pray and hope that all your wishes should come true and all your worries should disappear. :)

P.S: Write your letters. And zzzzz sleep as Santa is watching you :) <3 <3

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

P.S. I Love You

"Go on. It´s time, baby... P.S. I love you" - Gerry
"I love you till the end " - Gerry & Holly

To start with I could not think of anything else than this. I have been trying to complete this post from long, for some reason it didn't happen. I am so sure most of you have watched 'P.S. I Love You' and agree with me. Who have not seen it "Please do watch it". I bet u will agree with me its worth watching.

Actually one of my friend has just blogged about the movie and she has done it really good.

I must have seen this movie like "n" times. This movie at the end leaves everyone with a smile and tinge of a tear. What can get better than that. This movie totally redefines " Love". At least in my perception. What is nice about this movie is the way they show the feeling of being complete in one's absence as well. The characters Holly and Gerry do their bit very naturally.

The efforts of making Holly realize her roots. "See, I don't worry about you remembering me, it´s that girl on the road you keep forgetting" -Gerry

Reminding her that she is a girl who wants to create something.

"Look for a sign, you´ll know what to do. P.S. I love you" - Gerry

I am sure you also have someone for you who will love you endlessly. So should you love someone endlessly. That's exactly I wanna talk about. Everyone at some or the other point in life will have commitments in personal and professional life. It is very important to balance to what I have seen.

I know its very tiring and gets difficult to manage, you will need a break. Hell yes! Take a break from your 'work' not 'relations'.

"It was a bad, bad thing I did and I am so sorry, love" -Holly

Why do we take few relations for granted? Why do we realize its value when it is gone?
Its never too late, you can make it up now! Gerry and Holly have an arguement about an apartment & Holly screams her throat out.

But when her boss and his wife have and issue she understands her boss. Why? Is it needed that only after things being out of control we need to realize?

We have personally complicated our lives by loving material things and using people. Its actually the other way round use things and love people. Its time we understand the difference.

"Thank you for the honor of being my wife. I´m a man with no regrets" -Gerry 

Dont live with regrets. Just make an effort.. :) Make him/her in your life feel special around you.
Those little things improve relations. Ups and downs are common if not there will be no value for good things.

Relations can't be perfect. We gotta make them perfect.

"P.S- Look for a sign and love till the end."

Ankitha :)

Saturday, 29 October 2011


No one can eat just one! Ummm now that means I am gonna talk about food. You know what, I am not writing this because I have to write a post. But : ( : ( 

Now don't ask me why am I sad. Okay now that you’ll are probably keen on knowing why, I better tell you.  

I want to have brownies from Mumbai!. They are from SleightofHand at Mumbai. They taste so yuuummm. Oh my god. You just take them in and they melt like aaaaaah. :) Like an ice cream  melts within no time. Anyone reading this stays in Mumbai, please go and taste it there. Just chocolate brownie.. :) Please everyone reading this visit the above site. You will know why I love them so much. 

Now coming to the point, why am I sad?

I stay at Hyderabad and so obviously I can't go all the way to Mumbai only to eat brownies. Sadly I don’t know anyone who stays there so no one to send it from there! Now I am not expecting anyone to surprise me, well I wouldn’t mind if anyone does so :P

I can place an online order for them and they can courier it, but my mom will eat me raw if I do so. Heheheh..:P As I bought them just last week.

Brownies from there are so so yuuummmyyy.. Ahh! No one can eat just one.

PS: I am open for surprises. :)

Friday, 14 October 2011


Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.  ~Bo Derek

Now, how many of you'll saw Confessions Of Shopaholic?
Oooh its totally this way: Women + Shopping = Happiness :)

Now it is so obvious for anyone to have a happy family, and the lady back at home needs to be happy to make things look good. And women like too many things, specially shopping. It is quite obvious that men have to bear their expenses. Married women are so lucky in this aspect :P  Your husbands don’t have a choice but to get you all that you demand.

Girls in relationship are not less lucky, but they unfortunately have chances of getting dumped by their guys. 

When it comes to girls who are single, "Oh all the pity to their dads (including my dad)"

I of course love shopping. :) It makes me feel really good just like I mentioned previously about the movie. I feel the mannequins in the stores out there are calling me :D Ankitha, look at me, look at me! Now, I being so nice and generous just can’t avoid them. So shopping is something I love to do throughout the day and night :)

And, a couple of things I have known during my years of shopping experience:
Lesson 1: Shop only within the credit you have.

Lesson 2: You should be very good to the mirrors of the trail room.

Shopping with my siblings makes me feel perfect. It has always been an awesome and a memorable experience.

We get in together to the store and pick up stuff, then go to try them out. But the mirrors over there make things so eaiser by making everything look so good! But it so happens with me most of the time. The day I’m broke I find so much of stuff around, and even when my pockets are full, I find brilliant stuff.

Girls' best friend is a Diamond, right?
But I feel Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and of late gadgets as well are best friends of girls. :p Oh! How can I forget their make up sets?

Shopping is so kind, as it helps people so much to spend their money :P

Universal facts :
  • Girls can never get bored of shopping.
  • It makes them explore themselves.
  • When anyone is low it changes their mood..
  • It makes people get addictive
The only problem of being a shopaholic:
  • It makes people spend money without a thought.
But, nothing makes me feel that shopping can create problems. :)

Now after all this, tell me will you think even once before shopping? No no, don’t think, instead shop as much as you want but be in control before you totally run out of your pockets.

News: I came across a few people in my life who don’t like shopping. Now, tell me how can one resist shopping? Just look at all the gorgeous things I have in this post. Aww!

Even after looking at these images, don’t you feel like shopping?

Well shopping for me is:
  • A big time stress buster not necessary each time. Whenever I step out, I shop. :)
  • Happiness of buying what I like.
  • As mentioned above, shopping with people of my choice :)
  • With shopping comes a little of hunger too :P
  • Then one cold coffee to go with, it makes my day all perfect.

P.S: Spread your legs only till you can, i.e, shop only with the credit you have. :)

Happy shopping folks!


Ankitha! :)


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The magic you can create

Magic, you can do.

Suddenly there is this moment where in someone feels too hard inside. No matter how much they try, that feeling cannot be expressed. But it could be evident only if seen within, which is humanly impossible. (I know that. :P )

That’s when you can do "MAGIC" Guess, how? Keep guessing.

Not shopping, a little more guessing please.
No, not watching a movie either.
which bursts the clouds, and then there is a heavy pour of tears.

It is called,
"Hug" Arey yaar Jadoo ki  jhappi!

Hug is a way of saying ‘Hello’. It also has a way to show appreciation to another for any reason. It can be a form of sympathy and at times a congratulatory one. So basically they are magic wands at free of cost. "Free hugs". Kanjoos mat bano yar. ;)

Whenever you feel anyone is in need of some support, just give a warm hug to them! When in need you will get it. Now let us do something. Recollect these beautiful hugs in your life while reading through the following points. I bet you will smile. :)

  • Birthday hugs in celebration of your life and existence :) (Haapppyy Birthday with a huuuggg)
  • Random hugs Jab pyaar aye tab. (What’s up! with a hug)
  • Hugs when you needed them the most and given unexpectedly. These are the best, no? :) (Saying 'Kya hua yaar, what’s with that face?' with a hug)
  • Awaited hugs (aaah I wish I could hug SRK :))
  • A friend whom you meet daily and still you need a hug from them.
  • When someone is leaving, that hug which indicates assurance and which can build trust and confidence! :) :)
Hugs are Magical! Aren’t they?
PS: Now please do not misuse this beautiful feeling.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

More than three mistakes made me a Graduate!

I am a graduate. It makes me feel amazing!

A lot of process happened in being me graduate :P
Just like many other students, I hated studying or even going to school. But at least at one point people will  adapt to it but, I would crib about it till my high school. 

I have two elder sisters, so it is quite obvious that they would help me in studying. My elder sister would be like my caretaker and would teach me all the subjects. My second sister was good at studies and I never liked that :P Even if she corrected me I wouldn’t take it. LOL!. I always underrated myself then but they always believed I would be able to do it. I would love to thank them for that. :)
Today I might be smiling or laughing about it, but at that time it was like a terror to me.

My way of preparation:

Initial days as My mom would teach ABC's n 123 so I have studied good till my mid-school. As subjects got complicated my marks also became complicated. Each time I would get the progress card I would nearly wet my pants to show it to mom. But would manage it after many such sessions which can’t be mentioned here for obvious reasons :P

Later my elder sister took up my responsibility!
I hated Telugu subject and would never score good in it. Telugu being my First language I had to score good. Grrr

My sister would set a question paper which I had to answer within the given time. [3hrs] So even after preparing for it I hardly use to remember anything. It was totally like short term memory loss :P LOL! Now, I am laughing while writing this. God knows what I would write, and my sister would start correcting it :P If any answer had "more than three mistakes" I had to redo it.

I would write decently good but somehow every answer would have more than three mistakes!
So imagine my plight as I would write it again and again. I would cry and plead that I will not repeat the same in the exam. But she would never listen. She would even hit me :P [I know my sister is reading this and will say anki I would equally feel bad..I know I know..:)]

Whole day would pass in that room but I would never complete my exam. I would stay up all night studying. But never thought that even my sister is staying up for me.

Ooooh then all those preparations would go on and on.

At last exams started and also got done. I was freaking out on the day of results. Then the results would come in Newspaper, and after a lot of search, suddenly my sister found my number ******(80%) Aaaah  what a moment of happiness :)

As I entered college for Intermediate (10+2) I have realized that I am trusted which I wanted to live up to. Studying with friends over phones and all was fun so two years
Masti + studying = cleared my inter..:)

Then Degree, I had equal number of practical and theory papers.
I would enjoy theory more than practical as I was from civics background. But again I had no option! The limit was when OU (Osmania University) decided that 70% of scores would be given for external exams and 30% for practicals.

I had to slog day and night, frankly speaking no, my second sister would write 90% of my projects. So again things were taken care by my sister. Though I would never listen to her but ultimately she’s been a part of me being a grad. She would teach me all the practical papers. My friends and me would do combine studies through day and night. There were few friends who helped me out of the way for practical exams.

All three years passed by with: Masti+cribbing+projects+outings in the name of projects..:)

With all that today I am finally a Graduate. Isn't it awesome. A big thanks for all of them. :):) Who have been a reason for me being a graduate! At times silent support has also been amazingly encouraging. Also for believing in me more than I did.

And I believe in me today!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Circle of Life

The thought I believe a lot in
It is simple but in reality it pays you hard
There are many moments in one’s life, where in they go out of their way to help someone
But in time of need don’t know why few just don’t turn back
They turn out to be learning lessons of LIFE,
It happened with me as well
Then I would wonder why only I am getting to LEARN these LESSONS?
A very normal questions which everybody asks, Why? Why me?
I questioned many times
As I grew up I realized, well! it is just the way we perceive
But here it goes the solution - Circle of life!
Good or bad deeds they will be paid
In my words- People who trouble others’ life, eventually trouble theirs
Everybody who is crying today, note, why did this happen with you?
Don’t worry soon you will get your answers.

Here goes a little story:
Akbar wanted Birbal to write something
which will bring a smile to the person who is upset in life,
and upset the one that is enjoying others’ happiness.
Guess what Birbal wrote :)
He wrote - this moment is temporary!

So when that was read by the man who was sad, he felt this too is temporary and time will pass by and he smiled :)
When read by the person who was happy enjoying others’ happiness, he went blank and thought, oh! is this a temporary moment?
Just that way
Life at one point could be very depressing. Just pass that stage and at the very next end you will see someone paying for their deeds!