Friday, 20 January 2012

Speed kills!

Oh my my.. what sexy bikes and cars are out these days..:)
ek se badh kar ek! Wish we had something like har ek car zaroori hota hain..:P
When I was in school seeing someone owning Merc was like woooaah! Now it could be found in every second lane, all thanks to our Banking sector for they are being so kind to give loans for cars on time, when compared to necessities or Personal loans.:P Oops! I'm sorry they are smart people. Owning a great car is more important, isn't it? 

Rolls Royce - Woww! They just cost around 420 lakhs or so. Pretty cheap ya. :P I won't own such stuff though.*wink*
Taken! Everyone has their own fantasies. Frankly even I love such dazzling cars. I love Beetle! Don't you think it looks sooo cute?. :*
It is good to spend on imported cars and bikes. They are so valuable and enhance our social stature, but life is just beyond measurement, no? Why don't people understand this simple point: 'Speed kills'

I was out with family and we were at the signal. Suddenly a group of friends go 'Zoooooom'. By the time we could figure out their faces they are out of reach. Pata nahi what emergencies they have! And RACING has become a trend in Hyderabad of late. Unfortunately, many died because of it. Why don't they simply enjoy certain amount of decent speed.

I really wish we could arrange woofer speakers at traffic signals and a few important places with a message 'Speed kills, get back safe as someone is waiting for you' 
It could be their enjoyment but at times innocent people suffer or even they themselves might become the victims. But the difference is they won't be there to suffer but family and friends pay for it. All I wanna say is enjoy but just know your limits..:)

P.s:- Its better to learn a few before we go wrong..:)

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Blah blah blah!

:):) I have nothing special to write but I just wanna write.

My day started off with I lazing around. Don't know what's nice about today. But it makes me feel good and excited. The climate is sooo good. :) Wooww! Everyone wants to cuddle. With few of my all time favorite numbers I'm enjoying the climate. Mausam ke sargam ko sun kya gaa raha hain sama.. Watched a few movies I missed earlier. They were too good. :) Bugged my brother, irritated my sister and troubled my friends.

They end up telling "I'M CRAZY" Woh tho main hu. :P God knows what's wrong with Hydeabad! The city seems dead with no nice places to shop. And Facebook has become funny :):) People have all the world's glory time to upload every minute detail of their personal life on FB! Obviously its their personal choice. But it just makes me laugh! :p

Lunch was yummmy..:):) Chicken ummm! Then I had some great sleep. All through the afternoon I slept properly. Now it is 5.30 pm, thats my tea time. I'm waiting for my sister to get tea while singing ek garam chai ki pyaali ho koi usko pilaane waala ho!

My mom wonders who will manage me later! It's okay maa don't worry..:)

My playlist now is :
  1. Chookar mere maan ko kiya tune kya ishara
  2. Gaate the pehle akele aaj gaata hain sara zamana.
It's time for me to watch Dance India Dance. Well mom's calling me so gotta go. Take care all of you. I will keep updating my madness to you all.

P.S.:- aksar log kehte hain ye haal pyaar mein hota hain..:) Well! I'm totally safe and not into it as of now. It's just me..:)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Who will protect me?

Let me think.

Firstly Happy New Year everybody :):) Hope this year brings in happiness everywhere and that everyone remains safe :)

Oh I forgot! Now this reminds me that girls are not protected. Are you wondering why? Don’t!
Respected DGP, Mr. Dinesh Reddy states this in reference to the growing number of rapes - Women ARE responsible! "Fashionable women get raped"

Well! Come on girls don’t you agree with him, huh? Bloody hell! He is in a post wherein he talks and states anything he wishes to, and we expect to get justice out of people like him.

Sir, you are in a respected post and we trust and rely on you for justice. And this is what women get to hear? I wonder which era you belong to, Sir.

Or are men small babies that they see girls being fashionable and can’t resist? No? Then what?

Reportedly, a 40-year-old man attempted to rape a six year old girl in Vizag. The girl MUST have dressed provocatively at an age of 6. Parkwood International School’s director is alleged to have taken physical advantage of more than one of his students. Uniform is DEFINITELY inappropriate dressing, I suppose. - in references to the articles I read.

It has become a problem if a girl walks alone in the streets, a Maths lecturer rapes his student, auto driver rapes a small kid who is going to school, school principal calls students and misbehaves with girls and those little ones don’t even know what their respected Principal is doing! Pathetic! And all the blame goes to the attire of girls? This is such a disgrace to hear it from DGP.

"We can control faction crimes and murders by rowdy elements but not family disputes and sexual jealousy murders"

Well is this what you said while taking your oath, Sir? I wonder. I agree few girls have become fashionable to an extent where the society at times finds offensive, but please, that will never mean that girls step out giving license to every guy to do what they wish. Do we have to take permission from the Government to wear what we like, and if found inappropriate then they won’t protect you, is it Sir? So does that mean if I wear Indian dresses and cover myself from head to toe I am totally protected? We never know!

I request, please stop this when you are unable to provide safety. Admit it or don’t talk, but please don’t pass such statements. Such statements are insulting men as well. You are taking every guy under your perception.

"DISGRACE" is the word! I really want to pass this message to everyone out there. A girl is being used and a girl is being blamed. Ridiculous! We don’t expect this. Please learn to respect women or what will you answer to your mom, sister, wife or daughter? Please think.
I am sorry if I have hurt anyone.

P.S.: Avoid "nuts" coz you are what you eat!