Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Coffee club :):)

Shaam bhi koi..:)

Shaam bhi koi,
Jaise hai nadi,
Leher leher jaise beh rahi hai,
Koi ankahin koi ansuni,
Baat dhime dhime keh rahi hai,
Kahi na kahi jagi hui hain koi arzoo,
Kahin na kahi,
Khoyi huyese hai main aur tu,..:):)

Whatteeeyy evening.:):)
I know I know bloggers don't talk like this but seriously its whattteeyy evening..:):) I'm all smiling and writing..:) :) :)

My friends came home just for chai..:) We love random huggs..:) We love random visits..:):)
Bas jab se mile kisi na kisi par has rahe the..:)
Its totally different for me to think how we became friends..:) Coz as in my lot of friends are from my college my Fooowweeerr fuuufff girls..:P *Huuugs*

It started just with one visit to coffee day..:):) Tropical iceberg with extra chocolate syrup and chocolate fantasy -  A Lot can happen over a coffee..:) I agree..:) :D 

Jaise bhi bane Hum dost hain..:) Touchwood !

"Suhani suhani hai yeh kahani
Jo khamoshi sunaati hai
Jise tune chaha hoga woh tera
Mujhe woh yeh batati hai."
It was totally a lazzzy day..:):) Just the evening took it all..:):) Hasne ke liye reasons nahi chahiye. All you need is people who can laugh at your lame jokes.:):) All we did was cracking silly jokes, any damn song on TV we would sing like if we don't sing someone will kill us..:):):P Woh alag baat hain only we managed to listen to what we sing..:P Me, my friends, and my sister - we watch this serial “Iss pyar ko kya naam doon” I can’t tell you guys the how much we all love this character called “Arnav” Ooooh my god he is tooo good. :)

So when we keep talking about him, one friend of mine hates it and she goes on like all you know his “Arnav and Songs” Hahahahh..:) In the lot of my friends who came home don't study with me, a few are younger to me and a few are of my age. But all that matters is connectivity.:) So cheers to my "Coffee Club"! That's what I call them..:)

So to all you guys Cheers..:):) Lets drink anything of our choice..:) I just wanted to share..:) Cause I love writing when I'm happy..:D

Ek aur gaana gayenge hmmm kaun sa..:P

"...pee le isse ismein nashaa
jisne piya woh gam mein bhi hasa
pal mein hasaye aur pal mein rulaye yeh kahani
kaisi paheli hai yeh kaisi paheli zindagaani.."

P.S - Har ek friend Zaroori hain..:) <3 <3