Monday, 23 July 2012

Time changes..

Time changes..
Times when you wanna talk and you don't have anyone around.
Times when u wanna stay calm but everybody around.
Times you wanna get drenched in the rain, times u just wanna see rain.
Times when u feel like sleeping and missing out on school or college.
Times you just wanna get up n go to school relive every bit of it.
Times when you wanna go shopping endlessly but you broke.
Times when you have money but nothing makes u feel gud.
Times when you wanna go to a beach n just go sporting.
Times when you just wanna see the waves go up n down.
Times when you laugh widout a reason.
Times when cry widout a reason.
Times when you need a walk to burn ur calories.
Times when you need a walk just to feel gud.
Times when planning something excites.
Times when planning something upsets.
Times when you laugh a lot hide somethin.
Times when you talk less for someone to notice you feeling low.
Times u wanna b independent free like for everything.
Times al u need is dependence.
Times when you don't want anyone to ask "what happened ? R u ok?"
Times when you expect silence to be understood.
Times when you keep waiting to grow in life.
Times when you miss every lil bit of ur childhood.
Times when love care n concern were important.
Times when money is important.
Times when you look upto someone breaks that image in front u.
Times when promises were only the word of assurance.
Times when no longer people know what it stands for.
Times when a single moment can crack u totally.
Times when you hold every bit of your emotion.
Times when innocence is bliss.
Times when ignorance is bliss.
Times when hurting is easier than trusting.

p.s- Few Don't change
*Fairy tales*