Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The night before...

Breeze around.
A girl entered her room to set clothes while doing so she found a book.
She opens and starts to read...
"Rush of many thoughts...How do I know how much this path is right for me.?
How will I know that this man will always stand by me.?
How will I know he will accept me the way i am.?
How do i tell him When i say "Be with me forever i mean forever"
Every girl wants an assurance from her guy that he'll comfort her and try being with her in every walk of life.

How do i know we both are made for each other?
My heart is beating faster and faster.
Unable to sleep. Wanna wake my people hug them and say I love you'll. I don't wanna leave you'll.
A man can never go through this tunnel of emotions...
Since the time I was a kid I grew with a set of people who are my siblings my parents my friends my cousins but at this point of time I'm leaving all this and wil have to start from the scratch of making myself a part of another family which is already built and I have to make space for myself and to build this I need a lot of fuel which is love and concern from my guy which can help me move ahead...
Makes me feel sad about leaving my home sweet home.
Every corner of d house is my home sweet home.

I will miss family time.
I  will miss complaining dad. I will miss dad singing songs when hez happy.
I will miss patafyin (impressing) mom. I will miss mom's care.
I will miss those random fights, walks n hugs with my siblings and friends.
How long will it take to I accept his family like mine?
My family is mine.
They say Love is Blind but I beg to differ I think love has a magnifying glass.
He or she is happy only when thr checklist is full filled.
When I live upto his checklist hez happy with me.
But there's a lot he needs to live up to.
My heart is holding toooo many emotions i can't hold them any longer.
I remember every lil bit of time which was running faster than anyone could imagine.
When my dad asked asked him to sit in his chair.
When mom was all pink when he came to pick me up.
When siblings were waving at me when i was in another car.
All I need is immense strength and assurance that come what may he will be with me.
I knew this day would come but there's so much difference in knowing and accepting.
M scared will he ever say "leave me and go"
Or will he just come back hug and say, where will you go without me.
When m upset can i expect him to understand without me telling anything, the way I understand him?
Will he stand by me and my family like i do?
Will promises be kept?
Will he make sure no matter what i am to society he will let me be me when m with him.
I promise myself i Will be by him.
I Will trust him even if d world doesn't.
I Will support him.
I will adapt to things around.
I Will love n care for him endlessly.

With my family extending i want love to just go beyond their limits and i Will do my bit.
For which he needs to equally stand by me.
All these years anything new i started my family was there for me.
Now My family and my Man are there for me.
So I can rely on them and fall asleep.
Still, I have butterflies.
Hoping and praying for a better future.
Praying God to give lots of strength and happiness to my family..
Gotta sleep mom's in my room..."

The girl reading the book has tears rolling down with a smile.
That li'l girl was reading her sister's personal dairy.
Well this is on the night before girl gets married.
That night a girl will have volumes to talk and express just that words go missing.

P.S- Sab Kuch wahi hain par Kuch kami hain
Teri aahatein nahi hain..

Monday, 23 July 2012

Time changes..

Time changes..
Times when you wanna talk and you don't have anyone around.
Times when u wanna stay calm but everybody around.
Times you wanna get drenched in the rain, times u just wanna see rain.
Times when u feel like sleeping and missing out on school or college.
Times you just wanna get up n go to school relive every bit of it.
Times when you wanna go shopping endlessly but you broke.
Times when you have money but nothing makes u feel gud.
Times when you wanna go to a beach n just go sporting.
Times when you just wanna see the waves go up n down.
Times when you laugh widout a reason.
Times when cry widout a reason.
Times when you need a walk to burn ur calories.
Times when you need a walk just to feel gud.
Times when planning something excites.
Times when planning something upsets.
Times when you laugh a lot hide somethin.
Times when you talk less for someone to notice you feeling low.
Times u wanna b independent free like for everything.
Times al u need is dependence.
Times when you don't want anyone to ask "what happened ? R u ok?"
Times when you expect silence to be understood.
Times when you keep waiting to grow in life.
Times when you miss every lil bit of ur childhood.
Times when love care n concern were important.
Times when money is important.
Times when you look upto someone breaks that image in front u.
Times when promises were only the word of assurance.
Times when no longer people know what it stands for.
Times when a single moment can crack u totally.
Times when you hold every bit of your emotion.
Times when innocence is bliss.
Times when ignorance is bliss.
Times when hurting is easier than trusting.

p.s- Few Don't change
*Fairy tales*

Saturday, 9 June 2012

So close yet so far!

Chanda re chanda re kabhi tho zameen par aa
Baithenge baatein karenge..

sooo close yet sooo far
sooo complete yet somethin missing
sooo bright still not loud..
Is it how I see you or is it how you look?..that makes me fall in love with you over and over..:)

I grew listening to ur stories thinking someday I will get you. Everybody in their childhood loves to listen goodnight stories.:) In which most of the time the stories are about - Once upon time thr lived a King whose .... la la la.. Queen la la la..they fight n get married and lived happily ever after..:D

Chanda re Chanda re..:):) All my nights would end thinking about or listening about you (moon)
"Chanda se poochenge sare sawaal niraale.:) " or else a prince will come one day on a white horse.:) la la la.. Now I imagine SRK there..:P 

you knw baazigar ooo baazigar..:) Oooh
Mera dil tha akela tune khel aisa khela 
teri yaad mein jagu aat bar..:)
Baazigar ooh baazigar.:)

I wanna sit close to some beach and just feel amazing about everything around.! Aaj moon looked sooo beautiful i couldn't stop myself from blogging.:) Woh waha aur chand kya shaam thi..:) Bring it on baby JUST RAIN. We waiting for..:)

The process of no moon to full moon happens in evryones life :D Toooo much darkness too much to yourself comes just a ray of hope First step in love.:) That is the crescent moon.:) It brings a li'l light to your life. Dheere dheere you keeps falling step by step into it. 

At a point you are incomplete... that state gets you a lil of anger a lil here and there. That is half moon. Passing that stage in life is important.

Once that's together you both shine Like One Full moon..:) 

Kyaa tho bhii pyaar ke baatien.
Sangat ka asar hain.
Everybody around me talks about it.
So its obvious na I have to share it with you’ll.

Well aaj ka moon I'm referring it to june 5th..:D

P.S- No matter how you look it doesn't matter when you start loving it. Chand par bhi daag hain phir bhi we love it. :D

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


High in Life yet a tragic turn changes everything:

I wonder, why a few people who have reached heights in life have a tragic fall in life. I wanna talk about a few.


Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi, well known to us as Madhubala. A girl who lived for just 36years (14 th February 1933 – 23 February 1969) has entered the movie industry at the age of nine. Mumtaz’s first movie Basant (1942) was a box-office success.

Actress Devika Rani was impressed by her performances and potential and advised her to assume the name Madhubala, meaning "a woman of honey"

Her first break came when producer Kidar Sharma cast her opposite Raj Kapoor in Neel Kamal (1947). She was fourteen when she was given a lead role. The film was not a commercial success, but her performance was received well.

During the next two years, she blossomed into a captivating beauty. After her lead role in Bombay Talkies production Mahal in 1949, Madhubala attained immense popularity. Though she was only 16 at the time, her subtle and skilful performance, upstaged her seasoned co-star Ashok Kumar. The movie and the song Aayega Aanewala in it heralded the arrival of two new superstars: Madhubala and playback singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Madhubala was in a relationship with Dilip kumar for a real long time. They worked together in a lot movies. Their on screen and off screen chemistry was often spoken by media. They both broke up abruptly, leaving everyone holding their own stories.

When rediff news spoke to her sister Madhur Bhushan, her account of the story was:

The reason Madhubala broke up with Dilip Kumar was B R Chopra's film Naya Daur, not my father. Madhubala had shot a part of the film when the makers decided to go for an outdoor shoot to Gwalior. The place was known for dacoits, so my father asked them to change the location. They disagreed because they wanted a hilly terrain. So my father asked her to quit the film. He was ready to pay the deficit. Chopra asked Dilip Kumar for help. Dilipsaab and Madhubala were engaged then. Dilipsaab tried to mediate but Madhubala refused to disobey her father. Chopra's production filed a case against her, which went on for a year. But this did not spoil their relationship. Dilipsaab told her to forget movies and get married to him. She said she would marry him, provided he apologized to her father. He refused, so Madhubala left him. That one 'sorry' could have changed her life. Then she met Kishore kumar then he was a playback singer and married. He divorced and married madhubala.

Madhubala was suffering  from heart problem i.e she had a hole in her heart in the year 1950 she was known to it. Which she never wanted to reveal it in the industry. But when she was shooting for “Bhaut din huwe” everybody got to know about her sufferings. Another turn in life!

She passed away at the age of 36. She had a short life but for what she has done she lives even today in our minds and many other hearts. Class apart she was! 

Her work was amazing in a lot movies. And, music is such a must in every post of mine
·       Pyar kiya tho darna kya
·       Aacha jee main haari

Was listening to the above tracks while writing! :)

A few more celebs I shall keep you all posted in the coming few blogs. Madhubala reached professional heights but didn't get what she loved!

P.S- Being professionally high doesn’t mean you don’t need anything else in life. Everybody craves for “LOVE”

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What's going on?

Oooh my my. Its been a real long time I blogged... Over a month. Uff! A lot was going around me couldn't really blog. But missed blogging a lot.. more than blogging  I missed reading blogs..:)

Meri yaar ke shaadi thi so was busy all April month. Then my sister's marriage got settled.:):) Sailing a boat of mixed emotions. I shall keep you'll updated with all that in the coming blogs..
Don't know dis time it was very weird for some reason I couldn't really blog. Anything I start I would stop it abruptly. Probably cos I was sailing in a boat of mixed emotions. Or rather still sailing.. Umm..

So what you guys been doing? I gotta catch up a lot blogs.:)

Summer time , yaha par grami ke maare hum log tho pagal hoagaya..:P Its 43 degrees here in Hyderabad. I'm sure abroad people enjoying the climate.:) A few must have got back from their summer visits, a few must be going.

I wanna go somewhere but don't know where. Probably Goa Yes yes! ( Shopping , beaches woow.:) )

Or Bangalore yes yes!( Shopping  , random hang outs :) )

Or any Hill station yes yes ! ( Climate n shopping..:) )

Wannnna gooo Jim corbet... (The only place I don't think about shopping ) Yessssss yessss..!! Wooow what a place to goo.. Have u guys been there.?? It's an amazing place. Must gooo...

Radio mein Pyar do Pyar lo , Kitne bhi tu karle sitam songs are coming I like these songs.:) Arrey ya haa malum ek tho dost shaadi karke ahemdabad gayi. Aur meri behan ke shaadi ke preprations..:) shaadi ke liye time hain phir bhi..:)

Wannna eat Chicken biryaniii with butter chicken..:) Wanna eat panii puriiii no meetha..:P Wanna eat Candy floss..:P :P Mein pagal hogayi hu...

Current songs I'm in love with: (Try and listen )
  1. Pani da rang , Marjaiyan - Vicky Donor
  2. Pareshaan (actually all tracks)- Ishaqzaade
  3. Khudayaa , Bharat mata ki - Shanghai
  4. Thehree si zindagi - London Paris Newyork

I saw Vicky donor movie I really liked it a lot, don't know what was so good but I totally enjoyed. Ayushman was at his best..:) I saw Ishaqzaade as well and liked it, both the lead actors were good. I saw Gabbar singh after long good entertainment.:)

Heeeyyy..:):) KKR to the finalsss wooohhoooo! Yea Srk..:) Korbo lorbo jeetbo re..:)

Current songs playing on my playlist :
  • Khudayaa.
  • Pal pal dil ke pass.
  • Ae kash ke hum.
  • Naadan Parindey.
  • Ajeeb dastan hain ye.
  • Kuch kaas hain.
Life is crazy.:)

I usually don't talk about news in true sense but this freaked just few mins back I got to know so I wanna share.

Hike in petrol prices again.. Uuuff. What's going on. Please on public requests "Hike salaries" Public requests reminds me of  “Satyamev Jayate”

Wooow I don’t have words to express what impression does it leave to me. Firstly congratulations to everybody who supported in helping them to pass a bill against Child sexual abuse. I appreciate every member who's the main root cause for a show which is totally real. I appreciate every member who dares to share their problem in front of the complete world.*Bows down*

I donno who has their own profit motto but ultimately they are doing something good to the society and it should be considered. I loved every episode they showed by far like icing on the cake every episode ke baad those songs..

Cheers to Ram sampath and team. O ri chiraiya , Mujhe kya bechega rupiaya, Hauley hauley!

A looot random spoken, feels fresh to be talking all this. I shall keep posting.. Sorry for the irregular blogging. I shall keep in frequent touch hereafter.:) So stay connected!

P.S - I must mention the reason I could manage to blog is the way my sister Harshi and my friend Harsha boosted me so much that I was left with no option but write..:) Hugs!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Coffee club :):)

Shaam bhi koi..:)

Shaam bhi koi,
Jaise hai nadi,
Leher leher jaise beh rahi hai,
Koi ankahin koi ansuni,
Baat dhime dhime keh rahi hai,
Kahi na kahi jagi hui hain koi arzoo,
Kahin na kahi,
Khoyi huyese hai main aur tu,..:):)

Whatteeeyy evening.:):)
I know I know bloggers don't talk like this but seriously its whattteeyy evening..:):) I'm all smiling and writing..:) :) :)

My friends came home just for chai..:) We love random huggs..:) We love random visits..:):)
Bas jab se mile kisi na kisi par has rahe the..:)
Its totally different for me to think how we became friends..:) Coz as in my lot of friends are from my college my Fooowweeerr fuuufff girls..:P *Huuugs*

It started just with one visit to coffee day..:):) Tropical iceberg with extra chocolate syrup and chocolate fantasy -  A Lot can happen over a coffee..:) I agree..:) :D 

Jaise bhi bane Hum dost hain..:) Touchwood !

"Suhani suhani hai yeh kahani
Jo khamoshi sunaati hai
Jise tune chaha hoga woh tera
Mujhe woh yeh batati hai."
It was totally a lazzzy day..:):) Just the evening took it all..:):) Hasne ke liye reasons nahi chahiye. All you need is people who can laugh at your lame jokes.:):) All we did was cracking silly jokes, any damn song on TV we would sing like if we don't sing someone will kill us..:):):P Woh alag baat hain only we managed to listen to what we sing..:P Me, my friends, and my sister - we watch this serial “Iss pyar ko kya naam doon” I can’t tell you guys the how much we all love this character called “Arnav” Ooooh my god he is tooo good. :)

So when we keep talking about him, one friend of mine hates it and she goes on like all you know his “Arnav and Songs” Hahahahh..:) In the lot of my friends who came home don't study with me, a few are younger to me and a few are of my age. But all that matters is connectivity.:) So cheers to my "Coffee Club"! That's what I call them..:)

So to all you guys Cheers..:):) Lets drink anything of our choice..:) I just wanted to share..:) Cause I love writing when I'm happy..:D

Ek aur gaana gayenge hmmm kaun sa..:P

"...pee le isse ismein nashaa
jisne piya woh gam mein bhi hasa
pal mein hasaye aur pal mein rulaye yeh kahani
kaisi paheli hai yeh kaisi paheli zindagaani.."

P.S - Har ek friend Zaroori hain..:) <3 <3

Monday, 26 March 2012

Dreams and bags :):)

Does that interest you???
But for me its weird too many bags..Uff..

These days when I sleep I dream a lot. Usually I don’t remember my dreams, but these days its different. I shall try telling those dreams coz its strange but somewhere it relates. :) Everybody in those dreams are happy and sad about something.. Keep reading further..

Ok I'm just drinking water wait a sec..:) Here I go..:):)

Day 1: A girl who just entered her place wearing a Black bag she was sleek.
Something was different about her. She entered, switched on the music system and was listening to 80's music and a smile over.. Looking out and feeling the breeze around sitting near her window. She was thinking when will her maid come n when will she get her work done.

Then suddenly she thinks what if d maid doesn’t come.. Her maid comes n is doing her work. That lady smiling over the legend songs is waiting for her husband to come home to have dinner together..
She is so bound by the society and is worried n tensed about a lot of stuff..
*Ting Ting*Her husband comes home and with warm smile all her worries hide back. She smiles and ends her day.:) My dream ends here on day one.

Day 2: A girl with a group friends sitting at a coffee shop wearing an Orange bag. All girls going blah blah blah n eee eee eee.:):) Obviously its girls.. That girl smiling over troubling her friends coz they talking about their wedding issues. 

This girl is somewhere scared of commitments and is wondering what’s in store. Then suddenly before even anyone could analyse she smiles and just sings the song playing in d background Kuch kuch hota hain. :) 
She is happy about a life being free, she being connected to people she likes.. She is smiling n so happy throughout still something bothers her was tough to get that.. My dream ends there on day two.

Day 3 : A girl sitting with her colleagues for lunch time wearing a freaky Green bag is so not liking people whom she is working with, so she feels her Ipod is a better company n starts listening to heavy metal songs. She is thinking Ive done designing not to work here with these people who work looking at others talent but not using their creativity..
But is happy that she is working in her hometown as she has been away for years..
She wants to work using her creativity shez happy about her first pay n that shez close to family n friends, but not satisfied somewhere.. I’ve seen her work in my dream its beyond appreciation. Such people should be hired by the best. My dream ends there on day three.

I get up in the morning n start to wonder why am I dreaming sooo much..asked myself "Neend churayi teri kisne Anki kisne" Then I understood I’ve become crazy..

Day 4: A girl with Pink bag sitting in the classroom. Is thinking about her family coz they had a few changes in the routine (sister got married or brother out of town) and is trying to adapt to the changes back home. Is texting her friends in other classes. 

Too many projects to be handled..Too many different people to be handled.. She has a few friends to hang out and is happy about that. But is worried on losing people close to her. My dream ends there on day four.

Day 5: A huge office a girl working under her dad. Are you wondering which color bag? Hold on lemme think.. Yeah! got it Brown bag.:):) This girl is talented and loves her dad, she is enjoying her work under him. 

But somewhere she has various choices and tastes of her own which she is ready to ignore for a while to keep up to her dad. She sits there listening to her fav tracks and telling her self."......." I don remember coz filmy types pe background pe songs didn't get me clear what she said..:) My dream ends there on day five.

Day 6: A girl with a Yellow bag is sitting in the car with her guy, and is fighting over something. She says its important to her and he says whatever.. just like any other couple. The girl starts to worry and gets angry. She steps down d car n enters somewhere. 

Then the dream blanked out. Suddnely I see that girl on the ramp like a showstopper! Woow! As she gets done with her show she and her guy settle the issue. She gets back home and has a fight. She gets into the room crying and telling her friends she will make it big One day.. Her friends assuring her 'yes you will'. She falls asleep. My dream ends on day six.

Day 7: A girl is getting out of her place to meet her friends. She is engaged and she looked happy and worried about it. And was very upset about the fact she is leaving back everyone and moving to a new city after wedding. By the way she was wearing a White bag..:)

Day 8: I slept properly.. And then started to think about.
Why was I dreaming only about women? Then it struck my mind coz I was acting crazy like 'women are best women are best'.. All the characters in my dreams were women coz I was just thinking about them. But my first thought shouldn’t be 'why women'? It simply means what I told in the start - everyone are Happy and upset about something.

It teaches me something that everyone has worries its not just we trying to deal with. All we need is a reason to be happy and someone to rely on..:) That makes life easier like all above dreams of mine projected. 

And, I could relate myself to a lot many ladies above. Can you relate yourself somewhere??

Make sure u have someone to rely on, make sure you are that someone for anyone to rely on..:)

P.S- Women, bags and dreams are always unique..:) Hard to choose on one..:)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Seasons of my life

Helllooo! :)

It’s totally like a flashback :) I’m a grown up now :) That’s exactly what I always wanted to be when I was young. All the while I would think when will I grow old, when will I go to college.

Here it is… 

But no I want to get back to my childhood now! There was too much innocence and too much of masti.. Anything mischief you do, just one innocent expression and the issue is done.

Wo bhi kya din the..:) Kuch bhi karo sab maaf hain.. aur ab sirf holi pe khete hain. Holi bura na mano..:P

It is a story when I was too young. Then the summer time was much awaited than birthdays. :) I lived in a joint family when I was young. It was a huge family and my dad had 8 siblings. :) Imagine all of them would come home with their kids.

I remember those days would start with all mommies giving us glasses of milk and tell - "If you drink milk you will become a strong girl" But still we wouldn't drink then would come their magic wand "If you want to become like your dad then drink" then one gulp and its all inside..:) I miss them all!

Playing caroms like national players and fighting over the fact others took the Rani (the red coin). Then having yummy meals with all the possible imaginative stories. :P If I would waste food then my granny would say many stories to me like - "On every grain of rice ram ram karke it will be written" I would be like where it is I can’t see. :P

Now comes something that I miss the most. During evening time we used to play outdoor games like hide and seek running around trees. What an experience it was! The breezy air from so many trees used to make our experience even more lovely and pleasant. Also, we used to fight for our turn to water all the plants in the garden. Watering the plants oh my god! That would be like first come first serve. :)

The fights of the day would start there. :) How I wish I could get back those days! All of us would sit down and relish basket full of mangoes. And the maids would water the complete balcony :)
All of us would choose our selective mangoes, wash them and just hooooooggg. :) We all would play 5 stones, pallanguzhi, aaaw! I miss all of them.

Trying to drape mom's saree and look at the mirror feeling good. :) I know every girl does that. No matter how pathetic I used to drape, still my mum would say ‘Manchiga undi’. Which means it’s looking good. :)

During summer vacation my grand mom, mom and all her co-sisters would prepare yummy mango pickle in large quantities and after clearing the pickle into any jar, my granny would take plate full of rice mix ghee and pickle and feed all we kids sitting there. Ah nostalgia!

Sudden summer rains ohh my my we would get drenched totally and prepare paper boats and leave them and watch them till the end!

We had joy we had sun we had seasons in the sun. But the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone!

Dil ke kareeb kuch aise lamhe hain
jis ki soch bhi labon par hasi lati hain..
Aise kuch lamhe hain bachpan ki..

P.S- Try randomness of being a kid again :):) Make sure you have someone in your life with whom you can still be a kid. :)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Get along with my madness!

I'm just gonna talk a lot random. :P Don’t wonder, "Kaha se kaha gayi hain ye ladki"
So how many of y'all fasted for Shivrathri. *Applause for whoever did* I really wonder how can you fast for a day? That’s so good actually! How I wish I could fast..

Donno the moment I decide not to eat, I feel like eating. And I have such lovely friends who keep reminding me about cakes and chocolates, so it’s very obvious na. :) 

With a glass of tea in my hand I’m acting like a business tycoon thinking what to write. :P Now tycoon reminds me of this game I play - Roller coaster tycoon. It’s sooo much fun. :) It even reminds me of Ice climber I would play it on TV. How many of you all miss it?

In my background ‘Sadda haq’ song is playing. I like these lines - "Matlab ki tum sabka mujhpe, Mujhse bhi zyaada Haaaaaaaq hain" I feel like screaming Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.!

I have been listening to a few pop album songs. It totally makes me feel so good. Sing it along "Mein sundar na sahi , magar chehra mera kuch bura nahi, dil sacha hain mera dekho tho hain khud pe pura yakeen Banungi mein Miss India" And a few more like - Ab ke baras, raat shabnami etc.. :p

Now I feel like eating a chocolate pastry! Hmmm.. Oh my god THERE ARE a few people who hate chocolate :-o

Have you ever tried smiling for no reason it is really funny you should try! Like SRK says 1 2 3 eeee..:P 

During the recent Filmfare awards Srk was totally a treat to watch. Guess what he has 14 Filmfare awards :) Thank you thank you..:) :)

These days I’m busy. Honestly speaking even I don’t know what keeps me busy. I’m sure my randomness is getting you guys crazy!

How I wish it suddenly starts raining. '''''''''''' Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si, soti raaton main jaagi si… J I love the smell of earth before it starts raining. I would go get drenched and play songs like - Let the rain come down and wash away your tears. i.e., New day song by Celine Dion.

Anyways thanks guys for sparing my madness :P

Dil o mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh Zinda ho tum !
nazar mein khwaabon ki bijiliyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum!

P.S - Just live the way you want, talk what you wish to. If people are there to listen tell them warna you are no less company for yourself. :) :) Keep smiling. :D

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Content feeling

Tune kya kar dala margayi mein mith gayi mein - teri deewani..

The above lines exactly define my recent visit to Shirdi. :) A feeling everyone should experience. I’m sure at some point everyone must have felt so.

My sudden trip to Shirdi :)

It was very satisfactory going there this time. It has always been so but, of late things have been a little weak so I was disappointed and got very upset. I was all at sixes and sevens. I screamed my throat out and asked Baba few questions like, "Why aren't u setting things right? And why are you not listening to me? "

The darshan was soooo beautiful! I wish I had enough words to express. :):) Me and my sisters wore pink and guess what, Baba also was in Pink. :) Aaaah it was sooo good to see him like that in pink! It still makes me smile.

And during the evening aarti, we stood right in the front. I could see him from every angle :) What a content feeling it was...

Flash of thoughts while holding the aarti book and reading. The day I screamed at him and all that made me feel so guilty. I just started CRYING. I apologized for all what I said. A feeling started creeping in ‘Don’t worry, everything will go good’.  Normally when we’re about to cry we will know it right? I don’t know it was so strange and tears just rolled down..

With all smiles I walked in telling him Thank You. :) Then we sat out for a while with breeze just making the place even more beautiful :)

Later I and my sisters decided to read one chapter of "Sai Charithra". We decided to open any random chapter and read it. I opened the book and started reading, it went on and on and I was surprised to read the chapter I got.

To sum it up it said, “Not necessary each time I (Baba) should do something for you to believe that I’m listening to you. At times even seeing me (Baba) or getting a gesture from me (Baba) is also a blessing. At times I (Baba) test beyond reach but they won’t go waste. TRUST Baba!"
Could anything get apt than that? I was like yes that’s so true.. 

Its really true we go through weak situations and time gets really bad. We start thinking, ‘Why?’. It’s very natural but believe me never give up. Keep your strengths high; Baba is there to take care.

P.S- Don’t worry He is there to take care. But equally our efforts should be there. :D

Friday, 17 February 2012

Movie: Love Failure

Love failure...:):):)

Woooooooooooow....:):) Whatttteeeyyy movie..:):)
I totally enjoyed.. I don’t know when was the last time I enjoyed a movie like this. :)
Its pure entertainment! No Melodrama and no rona dhona. Pure entertainment!

Siddharth's acting is so cute and natural like always. After three disappointing movies, Siddarth is AMZAING in this movie. The female lead (Amala Paul) also looks very natural. All through the move sid keeps total contact with the crowd..

The music is so apt cheers to Thaman! Thank you soooooo much Balaji Mohan for such an amazing movie. J Totally an appreciable movie. *applause* :):)

Oooopppsss I know its been long I blogged! I’m so sorry I was not in town but gotta update a lot.
But I couldn’t resist myself from not letting everyone know how awesome the movie is.

M sooooo active and sooooo hyper after the movie..:)

A few dialogues go this way: I’m doing English translations of it though..
·                     Love or hate no one can do it like women...:P  True..:)
·                     Girls are happy as long as we tell them what they want, but what they want ..??? :P
·                     Girls are like paintings you see them from anywhere looks like they are seeing you..:P
·                     I lovee the song paravthiiiiiiiiii parvathiiiiiiiiiii nenu love failure..:)

In and out I totally appreciate the Cast and Crew...:) I thoroughly enjoyed the movie..:):)

P.s- Must watch..:)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Speed kills!

Oh my my.. what sexy bikes and cars are out these days..:)
ek se badh kar ek! Wish we had something like har ek car zaroori hota hain..:P
When I was in school seeing someone owning Merc was like woooaah! Now it could be found in every second lane, all thanks to our Banking sector for they are being so kind to give loans for cars on time, when compared to necessities or Personal loans.:P Oops! I'm sorry they are smart people. Owning a great car is more important, isn't it? 

Rolls Royce - Woww! They just cost around 420 lakhs or so. Pretty cheap ya. :P I won't own such stuff though.*wink*
Taken! Everyone has their own fantasies. Frankly even I love such dazzling cars. I love Beetle! Don't you think it looks sooo cute?. :*
It is good to spend on imported cars and bikes. They are so valuable and enhance our social stature, but life is just beyond measurement, no? Why don't people understand this simple point: 'Speed kills'

I was out with family and we were at the signal. Suddenly a group of friends go 'Zoooooom'. By the time we could figure out their faces they are out of reach. Pata nahi what emergencies they have! And RACING has become a trend in Hyderabad of late. Unfortunately, many died because of it. Why don't they simply enjoy certain amount of decent speed.

I really wish we could arrange woofer speakers at traffic signals and a few important places with a message 'Speed kills, get back safe as someone is waiting for you' 
It could be their enjoyment but at times innocent people suffer or even they themselves might become the victims. But the difference is they won't be there to suffer but family and friends pay for it. All I wanna say is enjoy but just know your limits..:)

P.s:- Its better to learn a few before we go wrong..:)

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Blah blah blah!

:):) I have nothing special to write but I just wanna write.

My day started off with I lazing around. Don't know what's nice about today. But it makes me feel good and excited. The climate is sooo good. :) Wooww! Everyone wants to cuddle. With few of my all time favorite numbers I'm enjoying the climate. Mausam ke sargam ko sun kya gaa raha hain sama.. Watched a few movies I missed earlier. They were too good. :) Bugged my brother, irritated my sister and troubled my friends.

They end up telling "I'M CRAZY" Woh tho main hu. :P God knows what's wrong with Hydeabad! The city seems dead with no nice places to shop. And Facebook has become funny :):) People have all the world's glory time to upload every minute detail of their personal life on FB! Obviously its their personal choice. But it just makes me laugh! :p

Lunch was yummmy..:):) Chicken ummm! Then I had some great sleep. All through the afternoon I slept properly. Now it is 5.30 pm, thats my tea time. I'm waiting for my sister to get tea while singing ek garam chai ki pyaali ho koi usko pilaane waala ho!

My mom wonders who will manage me later! It's okay maa don't worry..:)

My playlist now is :
  1. Chookar mere maan ko kiya tune kya ishara
  2. Gaate the pehle akele aaj gaata hain sara zamana.
It's time for me to watch Dance India Dance. Well mom's calling me so gotta go. Take care all of you. I will keep updating my madness to you all.

P.S.:- aksar log kehte hain ye haal pyaar mein hota hain..:) Well! I'm totally safe and not into it as of now. It's just me..:)