Friday, 24 February 2012

Get along with my madness!

I'm just gonna talk a lot random. :P Don’t wonder, "Kaha se kaha gayi hain ye ladki"
So how many of y'all fasted for Shivrathri. *Applause for whoever did* I really wonder how can you fast for a day? That’s so good actually! How I wish I could fast..

Donno the moment I decide not to eat, I feel like eating. And I have such lovely friends who keep reminding me about cakes and chocolates, so it’s very obvious na. :) 

With a glass of tea in my hand I’m acting like a business tycoon thinking what to write. :P Now tycoon reminds me of this game I play - Roller coaster tycoon. It’s sooo much fun. :) It even reminds me of Ice climber I would play it on TV. How many of you all miss it?

In my background ‘Sadda haq’ song is playing. I like these lines - "Matlab ki tum sabka mujhpe, Mujhse bhi zyaada Haaaaaaaq hain" I feel like screaming Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.!

I have been listening to a few pop album songs. It totally makes me feel so good. Sing it along "Mein sundar na sahi , magar chehra mera kuch bura nahi, dil sacha hain mera dekho tho hain khud pe pura yakeen Banungi mein Miss India" And a few more like - Ab ke baras, raat shabnami etc.. :p

Now I feel like eating a chocolate pastry! Hmmm.. Oh my god THERE ARE a few people who hate chocolate :-o

Have you ever tried smiling for no reason it is really funny you should try! Like SRK says 1 2 3 eeee..:P 

During the recent Filmfare awards Srk was totally a treat to watch. Guess what he has 14 Filmfare awards :) Thank you thank you..:) :)

These days I’m busy. Honestly speaking even I don’t know what keeps me busy. I’m sure my randomness is getting you guys crazy!

How I wish it suddenly starts raining. '''''''''''' Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si, soti raaton main jaagi si… J I love the smell of earth before it starts raining. I would go get drenched and play songs like - Let the rain come down and wash away your tears. i.e., New day song by Celine Dion.

Anyways thanks guys for sparing my madness :P

Dil o mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh Zinda ho tum !
nazar mein khwaabon ki bijiliyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum!

P.S - Just live the way you want, talk what you wish to. If people are there to listen tell them warna you are no less company for yourself. :) :) Keep smiling. :D

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Content feeling

Tune kya kar dala margayi mein mith gayi mein - teri deewani..

The above lines exactly define my recent visit to Shirdi. :) A feeling everyone should experience. I’m sure at some point everyone must have felt so.

My sudden trip to Shirdi :)

It was very satisfactory going there this time. It has always been so but, of late things have been a little weak so I was disappointed and got very upset. I was all at sixes and sevens. I screamed my throat out and asked Baba few questions like, "Why aren't u setting things right? And why are you not listening to me? "

The darshan was soooo beautiful! I wish I had enough words to express. :):) Me and my sisters wore pink and guess what, Baba also was in Pink. :) Aaaah it was sooo good to see him like that in pink! It still makes me smile.

And during the evening aarti, we stood right in the front. I could see him from every angle :) What a content feeling it was...

Flash of thoughts while holding the aarti book and reading. The day I screamed at him and all that made me feel so guilty. I just started CRYING. I apologized for all what I said. A feeling started creeping in ‘Don’t worry, everything will go good’.  Normally when we’re about to cry we will know it right? I don’t know it was so strange and tears just rolled down..

With all smiles I walked in telling him Thank You. :) Then we sat out for a while with breeze just making the place even more beautiful :)

Later I and my sisters decided to read one chapter of "Sai Charithra". We decided to open any random chapter and read it. I opened the book and started reading, it went on and on and I was surprised to read the chapter I got.

To sum it up it said, “Not necessary each time I (Baba) should do something for you to believe that I’m listening to you. At times even seeing me (Baba) or getting a gesture from me (Baba) is also a blessing. At times I (Baba) test beyond reach but they won’t go waste. TRUST Baba!"
Could anything get apt than that? I was like yes that’s so true.. 

Its really true we go through weak situations and time gets really bad. We start thinking, ‘Why?’. It’s very natural but believe me never give up. Keep your strengths high; Baba is there to take care.

P.S- Don’t worry He is there to take care. But equally our efforts should be there. :D

Friday, 17 February 2012

Movie: Love Failure

Love failure...:):):)

Woooooooooooow....:):) Whatttteeeyyy movie..:):)
I totally enjoyed.. I don’t know when was the last time I enjoyed a movie like this. :)
Its pure entertainment! No Melodrama and no rona dhona. Pure entertainment!

Siddharth's acting is so cute and natural like always. After three disappointing movies, Siddarth is AMZAING in this movie. The female lead (Amala Paul) also looks very natural. All through the move sid keeps total contact with the crowd..

The music is so apt cheers to Thaman! Thank you soooooo much Balaji Mohan for such an amazing movie. J Totally an appreciable movie. *applause* :):)

Oooopppsss I know its been long I blogged! I’m so sorry I was not in town but gotta update a lot.
But I couldn’t resist myself from not letting everyone know how awesome the movie is.

M sooooo active and sooooo hyper after the movie..:)

A few dialogues go this way: I’m doing English translations of it though..
·                     Love or hate no one can do it like women...:P  True..:)
·                     Girls are happy as long as we tell them what they want, but what they want ..??? :P
·                     Girls are like paintings you see them from anywhere looks like they are seeing you..:P
·                     I lovee the song paravthiiiiiiiiii parvathiiiiiiiiiii nenu love failure..:)

In and out I totally appreciate the Cast and Crew...:) I thoroughly enjoyed the movie..:):)

P.s- Must watch..:)