Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The night before...

Breeze around.
A girl entered her room to set clothes while doing so she found a book.
She opens and starts to read...
"Rush of many thoughts...How do I know how much this path is right for me.?
How will I know that this man will always stand by me.?
How will I know he will accept me the way i am.?
How do i tell him When i say "Be with me forever i mean forever"
Every girl wants an assurance from her guy that he'll comfort her and try being with her in every walk of life.

How do i know we both are made for each other?
My heart is beating faster and faster.
Unable to sleep. Wanna wake my people hug them and say I love you'll. I don't wanna leave you'll.
A man can never go through this tunnel of emotions...
Since the time I was a kid I grew with a set of people who are my siblings my parents my friends my cousins but at this point of time I'm leaving all this and wil have to start from the scratch of making myself a part of another family which is already built and I have to make space for myself and to build this I need a lot of fuel which is love and concern from my guy which can help me move ahead...
Makes me feel sad about leaving my home sweet home.
Every corner of d house is my home sweet home.

I will miss family time.
I  will miss complaining dad. I will miss dad singing songs when hez happy.
I will miss patafyin (impressing) mom. I will miss mom's care.
I will miss those random fights, walks n hugs with my siblings and friends.
How long will it take to I accept his family like mine?
My family is mine.
They say Love is Blind but I beg to differ I think love has a magnifying glass.
He or she is happy only when thr checklist is full filled.
When I live upto his checklist hez happy with me.
But there's a lot he needs to live up to.
My heart is holding toooo many emotions i can't hold them any longer.
I remember every lil bit of time which was running faster than anyone could imagine.
When my dad asked asked him to sit in his chair.
When mom was all pink when he came to pick me up.
When siblings were waving at me when i was in another car.
All I need is immense strength and assurance that come what may he will be with me.
I knew this day would come but there's so much difference in knowing and accepting.
M scared will he ever say "leave me and go"
Or will he just come back hug and say, where will you go without me.
When m upset can i expect him to understand without me telling anything, the way I understand him?
Will he stand by me and my family like i do?
Will promises be kept?
Will he make sure no matter what i am to society he will let me be me when m with him.
I promise myself i Will be by him.
I Will trust him even if d world doesn't.
I Will support him.
I will adapt to things around.
I Will love n care for him endlessly.

With my family extending i want love to just go beyond their limits and i Will do my bit.
For which he needs to equally stand by me.
All these years anything new i started my family was there for me.
Now My family and my Man are there for me.
So I can rely on them and fall asleep.
Still, I have butterflies.
Hoping and praying for a better future.
Praying God to give lots of strength and happiness to my family..
Gotta sleep mom's in my room..."

The girl reading the book has tears rolling down with a smile.
That li'l girl was reading her sister's personal dairy.
Well this is on the night before girl gets married.
That night a girl will have volumes to talk and express just that words go missing.

P.S- Sab Kuch wahi hain par Kuch kami hain
Teri aahatein nahi hain..