Thursday, 28 February 2013

Is money more or less than Relations!  Relations < ,> Money..!

Life's teachings...
Its crazy to recognize people value Money over Relations..
How is it possible to value real over material..
A few relations who grow together n live together choose to let go that special bond
At a price , at  a value..
A few who have been there with others through thick and thin , they realize people turning off as they are not good (financially)
as on that day..!
Is it all about money..

Have v all reached there where only Materiality works?How can one not have gratitude..????
Where is life taking a few..
A friend leaving another or keeping distance.
One sibling over another.
A bond like marriage decided over money.
Is that what we learn today to leave one in time of need.

Life isn't just about money , standards its lot beyond them.
Yess , definitely have a well settled life.
Infact everybody aims for that but , If life has something else for a few.
The least u can do is be by them.
 If you choose the other way around. It just talks what you as a person are.

You can earn anytime in life but relations ones lost are lost forever.
Value what u have.
A few asked these I'm repeating them
"Can diamonds Hug you in time of need..???
 Can Audi give moral support ..??? "
Think over !
Well I feel very sad for people who have is only "MONEY"
Lot more lucky are those who value u it..!!!!!

"I said all this cause i really see people choose Money Over Relations."

P.S - Suno jeeyo khush raho.. kya patha kal ho na ho!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hello again! :)

O re maan va tu tho baawara hain. Tu hi jaane tu Kya soch tha hain.:-)

2013 welcomes me back to blogging :-)
Oh my I'm back to my madness:-)
A year ended another started.
A few changes willing a few unwilling.

A total package of fun with family n friends kept me busy all this while.
I had great time back home.
I hope all you guys doing are great.
I shall get back to the usually me with blogging.

I missed reading lovely emotions n expressions what u guys post.
I learnt that expressing isn't easy.
A few do pure justice in regard to it:-)
Well what's trending around !

Guess what looks like I really missed blogging I'm posting this at around 2 in the night.:-):-):-)
I shall get wid a few more posts asap:-):-):-)

Until then.:-):-)

P. S - Jo khogaya uska gham kya. Jo pass hain Wo hain kaam hain:-):-):-)