Monday, 26 March 2012

Dreams and bags :):)

Does that interest you???
But for me its weird too many bags..Uff..

These days when I sleep I dream a lot. Usually I don’t remember my dreams, but these days its different. I shall try telling those dreams coz its strange but somewhere it relates. :) Everybody in those dreams are happy and sad about something.. Keep reading further..

Ok I'm just drinking water wait a sec..:) Here I go..:):)

Day 1: A girl who just entered her place wearing a Black bag she was sleek.
Something was different about her. She entered, switched on the music system and was listening to 80's music and a smile over.. Looking out and feeling the breeze around sitting near her window. She was thinking when will her maid come n when will she get her work done.

Then suddenly she thinks what if d maid doesn’t come.. Her maid comes n is doing her work. That lady smiling over the legend songs is waiting for her husband to come home to have dinner together..
She is so bound by the society and is worried n tensed about a lot of stuff..
*Ting Ting*Her husband comes home and with warm smile all her worries hide back. She smiles and ends her day.:) My dream ends here on day one.

Day 2: A girl with a group friends sitting at a coffee shop wearing an Orange bag. All girls going blah blah blah n eee eee eee.:):) Obviously its girls.. That girl smiling over troubling her friends coz they talking about their wedding issues. 

This girl is somewhere scared of commitments and is wondering what’s in store. Then suddenly before even anyone could analyse she smiles and just sings the song playing in d background Kuch kuch hota hain. :) 
She is happy about a life being free, she being connected to people she likes.. She is smiling n so happy throughout still something bothers her was tough to get that.. My dream ends there on day two.

Day 3 : A girl sitting with her colleagues for lunch time wearing a freaky Green bag is so not liking people whom she is working with, so she feels her Ipod is a better company n starts listening to heavy metal songs. She is thinking Ive done designing not to work here with these people who work looking at others talent but not using their creativity..
But is happy that she is working in her hometown as she has been away for years..
She wants to work using her creativity shez happy about her first pay n that shez close to family n friends, but not satisfied somewhere.. I’ve seen her work in my dream its beyond appreciation. Such people should be hired by the best. My dream ends there on day three.

I get up in the morning n start to wonder why am I dreaming sooo much..asked myself "Neend churayi teri kisne Anki kisne" Then I understood I’ve become crazy..

Day 4: A girl with Pink bag sitting in the classroom. Is thinking about her family coz they had a few changes in the routine (sister got married or brother out of town) and is trying to adapt to the changes back home. Is texting her friends in other classes. 

Too many projects to be handled..Too many different people to be handled.. She has a few friends to hang out and is happy about that. But is worried on losing people close to her. My dream ends there on day four.

Day 5: A huge office a girl working under her dad. Are you wondering which color bag? Hold on lemme think.. Yeah! got it Brown bag.:):) This girl is talented and loves her dad, she is enjoying her work under him. 

But somewhere she has various choices and tastes of her own which she is ready to ignore for a while to keep up to her dad. She sits there listening to her fav tracks and telling her self."......." I don remember coz filmy types pe background pe songs didn't get me clear what she said..:) My dream ends there on day five.

Day 6: A girl with a Yellow bag is sitting in the car with her guy, and is fighting over something. She says its important to her and he says whatever.. just like any other couple. The girl starts to worry and gets angry. She steps down d car n enters somewhere. 

Then the dream blanked out. Suddnely I see that girl on the ramp like a showstopper! Woow! As she gets done with her show she and her guy settle the issue. She gets back home and has a fight. She gets into the room crying and telling her friends she will make it big One day.. Her friends assuring her 'yes you will'. She falls asleep. My dream ends on day six.

Day 7: A girl is getting out of her place to meet her friends. She is engaged and she looked happy and worried about it. And was very upset about the fact she is leaving back everyone and moving to a new city after wedding. By the way she was wearing a White bag..:)

Day 8: I slept properly.. And then started to think about.
Why was I dreaming only about women? Then it struck my mind coz I was acting crazy like 'women are best women are best'.. All the characters in my dreams were women coz I was just thinking about them. But my first thought shouldn’t be 'why women'? It simply means what I told in the start - everyone are Happy and upset about something.

It teaches me something that everyone has worries its not just we trying to deal with. All we need is a reason to be happy and someone to rely on..:) That makes life easier like all above dreams of mine projected. 

And, I could relate myself to a lot many ladies above. Can you relate yourself somewhere??

Make sure u have someone to rely on, make sure you are that someone for anyone to rely on..:)

P.S- Women, bags and dreams are always unique..:) Hard to choose on one..:)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Seasons of my life

Helllooo! :)

It’s totally like a flashback :) I’m a grown up now :) That’s exactly what I always wanted to be when I was young. All the while I would think when will I grow old, when will I go to college.

Here it is… 

But no I want to get back to my childhood now! There was too much innocence and too much of masti.. Anything mischief you do, just one innocent expression and the issue is done.

Wo bhi kya din the..:) Kuch bhi karo sab maaf hain.. aur ab sirf holi pe khete hain. Holi bura na mano..:P

It is a story when I was too young. Then the summer time was much awaited than birthdays. :) I lived in a joint family when I was young. It was a huge family and my dad had 8 siblings. :) Imagine all of them would come home with their kids.

I remember those days would start with all mommies giving us glasses of milk and tell - "If you drink milk you will become a strong girl" But still we wouldn't drink then would come their magic wand "If you want to become like your dad then drink" then one gulp and its all inside..:) I miss them all!

Playing caroms like national players and fighting over the fact others took the Rani (the red coin). Then having yummy meals with all the possible imaginative stories. :P If I would waste food then my granny would say many stories to me like - "On every grain of rice ram ram karke it will be written" I would be like where it is I can’t see. :P

Now comes something that I miss the most. During evening time we used to play outdoor games like hide and seek running around trees. What an experience it was! The breezy air from so many trees used to make our experience even more lovely and pleasant. Also, we used to fight for our turn to water all the plants in the garden. Watering the plants oh my god! That would be like first come first serve. :)

The fights of the day would start there. :) How I wish I could get back those days! All of us would sit down and relish basket full of mangoes. And the maids would water the complete balcony :)
All of us would choose our selective mangoes, wash them and just hooooooggg. :) We all would play 5 stones, pallanguzhi, aaaw! I miss all of them.

Trying to drape mom's saree and look at the mirror feeling good. :) I know every girl does that. No matter how pathetic I used to drape, still my mum would say ‘Manchiga undi’. Which means it’s looking good. :)

During summer vacation my grand mom, mom and all her co-sisters would prepare yummy mango pickle in large quantities and after clearing the pickle into any jar, my granny would take plate full of rice mix ghee and pickle and feed all we kids sitting there. Ah nostalgia!

Sudden summer rains ohh my my we would get drenched totally and prepare paper boats and leave them and watch them till the end!

We had joy we had sun we had seasons in the sun. But the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone!

Dil ke kareeb kuch aise lamhe hain
jis ki soch bhi labon par hasi lati hain..
Aise kuch lamhe hain bachpan ki..

P.S- Try randomness of being a kid again :):) Make sure you have someone in your life with whom you can still be a kid. :)