Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What's going on?

Oooh my my. Its been a real long time I blogged... Over a month. Uff! A lot was going around me couldn't really blog. But missed blogging a lot.. more than blogging  I missed reading blogs..:)

Meri yaar ke shaadi thi so was busy all April month. Then my sister's marriage got settled.:):) Sailing a boat of mixed emotions. I shall keep you'll updated with all that in the coming blogs..
Don't know dis time it was very weird for some reason I couldn't really blog. Anything I start I would stop it abruptly. Probably cos I was sailing in a boat of mixed emotions. Or rather still sailing.. Umm..

So what you guys been doing? I gotta catch up a lot blogs.:)

Summer time , yaha par grami ke maare hum log tho pagal hoagaya..:P Its 43 degrees here in Hyderabad. I'm sure abroad people enjoying the climate.:) A few must have got back from their summer visits, a few must be going.

I wanna go somewhere but don't know where. Probably Goa Yes yes! ( Shopping , beaches woow.:) )

Or Bangalore yes yes!( Shopping  , random hang outs :) )

Or any Hill station yes yes ! ( Climate n shopping..:) )

Wannnna gooo Jim corbet... (The only place I don't think about shopping ) Yessssss yessss..!! Wooow what a place to goo.. Have u guys been there.?? It's an amazing place. Must gooo...

Radio mein Pyar do Pyar lo , Kitne bhi tu karle sitam songs are coming I like these songs.:) Arrey ya haa malum ek tho dost shaadi karke ahemdabad gayi. Aur meri behan ke shaadi ke preprations..:) shaadi ke liye time hain phir bhi..:)

Wannna eat Chicken biryaniii with butter chicken..:) Wanna eat panii puriiii no meetha..:P Wanna eat Candy floss..:P :P Mein pagal hogayi hu...

Current songs I'm in love with: (Try and listen )
  1. Pani da rang , Marjaiyan - Vicky Donor
  2. Pareshaan (actually all tracks)- Ishaqzaade
  3. Khudayaa , Bharat mata ki - Shanghai
  4. Thehree si zindagi - London Paris Newyork

I saw Vicky donor movie I really liked it a lot, don't know what was so good but I totally enjoyed. Ayushman was at his best..:) I saw Ishaqzaade as well and liked it, both the lead actors were good. I saw Gabbar singh after long good entertainment.:)

Heeeyyy..:):) KKR to the finalsss wooohhoooo! Yea Srk..:) Korbo lorbo jeetbo re..:)

Current songs playing on my playlist :
  • Khudayaa.
  • Pal pal dil ke pass.
  • Ae kash ke hum.
  • Naadan Parindey.
  • Ajeeb dastan hain ye.
  • Kuch kaas hain.
Life is crazy.:)

I usually don't talk about news in true sense but this freaked just few mins back I got to know so I wanna share.

Hike in petrol prices again.. Uuuff. What's going on. Please on public requests "Hike salaries" Public requests reminds me of  “Satyamev Jayate”

Wooow I don’t have words to express what impression does it leave to me. Firstly congratulations to everybody who supported in helping them to pass a bill against Child sexual abuse. I appreciate every member who's the main root cause for a show which is totally real. I appreciate every member who dares to share their problem in front of the complete world.*Bows down*

I donno who has their own profit motto but ultimately they are doing something good to the society and it should be considered. I loved every episode they showed by far like icing on the cake every episode ke baad those songs..

Cheers to Ram sampath and team. O ri chiraiya , Mujhe kya bechega rupiaya, Hauley hauley!

A looot random spoken, feels fresh to be talking all this. I shall keep posting.. Sorry for the irregular blogging. I shall keep in frequent touch hereafter.:) So stay connected!

P.S - I must mention the reason I could manage to blog is the way my sister Harshi and my friend Harsha boosted me so much that I was left with no option but write..:) Hugs!


  1. i was not alone off the blogging....atleast you were there with me in this journey......and i too missed blogging world during these days of hibernation.... enjoying the moment...good-good....and this petrol hike, OMG i am seriously thinking for a bi-cycle now...:)

    Finally Stayamave jaytey....yes you are correct forget about "profit making" part of it and look at the lublic awareness its generating....its amazing...but i must say one thing here that there are many organisations and individuals who are working day n night for all these cause but we seldome have a word of appreciation for them....WHY..???? perhaps we Indians are crazy in terms of following our celiberaties....:))

    anyways welcome back to blogging...looking forward for your next update....

    Take care,

    1. Irfan:-):-)
      Oh well dis makes me feel better that even u wr on hibernation:-):-)
      How u ? How things at ur end.

      Haan dost ki Shaadi hogaya. Now gotta start preparing for My sister:-)

      Lol :-) i guess everybody will start buying bicycle hike in d prices is goin beyond anything. I guess its tym they consider common public.

      Yes i must agree they r a lot ppl working day n night for these causes.
      Widout them Thrz root for dis show as well.
      But typical mentality Like always v only appreciate things which r at visibility. But that shall change.

      I shall get on reading blogs.

      U too Takecare.
      Thanku for visiting n commenting.:-)

  2. Yay! Good now I have another blog to read. Welcome back, I hope your sister's wedding is awesome :)

    1. Hey zeebs:-):-)
      Thanku so much for visiting n commenting.:-)
      My sisters wedding got settled.
      Thrz still time for wedding.
      My friends wedding is done n it went real real gud.:-):-)
      Hwz it goin at ur end.

  3. Dear Ankitha,
    Welcome back my dear. You were missed very much by me!! Hope all went well with the wedding. Thanks for sharing and welcome back again.

    1. Andy sir..:):):)
      Even i missed reading blogs n commenting..:)
      Yea i will keep in regular touch now..:)
      Thanku for coming back visiting and commenting.:)

  4. Goa is a superb place,, and like ur playlist,, some are my fav too..:)

    1. Ruchi :)
      I know goa is a gud place.. heard a lot but i haven been thr..:)
      Thats nice u like my playlist..:)
      Thanku for visiting n commenting..:)

  5. 43 degrees??? It must be so hot over there!

    And whoah, it does sound like you're so busy with a lot of things, eh? I'm glad you were able to find time to blog again, Ankitha!

    Take care and God bless! :-)

    1. Irene..:):)
      Heeyyy thanku for visting n commenting..:)
      inspite of me bein irregular..
      Ya 43 degee thts right. Its pathetic out here..

      Ya i will take out time n keep blogging..:):)
      U too takecare..:)

  6. hope u enjoyed. and now i m going to get a new reader .. its keep going. even i was also not able to read my frnds. nd hot its too much to tolerate.
    keep chirping.. going to visit u again

    1. Heey..:)
      Thanku so much for staying connected inspite of my irregularity..:)
      Yes lets stay connected.:)

  7. Congratulations on your sister's wedding. BTW, people who are out of country are also feeling the summers. It is 33 degrees and 70%+ humidity. Love the list of songs and good you have people to motivate you.:)

    1. Heeyy..:)
      Than saruuu.:D congratulations on ur win..:)
      Oooh my my its hot thr as wel.. its killing here..
      Yea thats true i hav ppl to motivate..
      Thanx saru visting n commenting..:)

  8. you been busy busy then.

    It is very hot here too in uk but I am loving it as we seldom get any hot weather ..

    I too so want to go to jim corbetts also :)
    Thanks for visiting me do keep coming :)


    1. Hey Bikram..:)
      Oh its hot n u enjoying wat a different feeling.
      Its hot here n its killing us..!
      Evn i wanna go JIm corbet.:(
      Thanx for visting n commenting.:)

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