Saturday, 9 June 2012

So close yet so far!

Chanda re chanda re kabhi tho zameen par aa
Baithenge baatein karenge..

sooo close yet sooo far
sooo complete yet somethin missing
sooo bright still not loud..
Is it how I see you or is it how you look?..that makes me fall in love with you over and over..:)

I grew listening to ur stories thinking someday I will get you. Everybody in their childhood loves to listen goodnight stories.:) In which most of the time the stories are about - Once upon time thr lived a King whose .... la la la.. Queen la la la..they fight n get married and lived happily ever after..:D

Chanda re Chanda re..:):) All my nights would end thinking about or listening about you (moon)
"Chanda se poochenge sare sawaal niraale.:) " or else a prince will come one day on a white horse.:) la la la.. Now I imagine SRK there..:P 

you knw baazigar ooo baazigar..:) Oooh
Mera dil tha akela tune khel aisa khela 
teri yaad mein jagu aat bar..:)
Baazigar ooh baazigar.:)

I wanna sit close to some beach and just feel amazing about everything around.! Aaj moon looked sooo beautiful i couldn't stop myself from blogging.:) Woh waha aur chand kya shaam thi..:) Bring it on baby JUST RAIN. We waiting for..:)

The process of no moon to full moon happens in evryones life :D Toooo much darkness too much to yourself comes just a ray of hope First step in love.:) That is the crescent moon.:) It brings a li'l light to your life. Dheere dheere you keeps falling step by step into it. 

At a point you are incomplete... that state gets you a lil of anger a lil here and there. That is half moon. Passing that stage in life is important.

Once that's together you both shine Like One Full moon..:) 

Kyaa tho bhii pyaar ke baatien.
Sangat ka asar hain.
Everybody around me talks about it.
So its obvious na I have to share it with you’ll.

Well aaj ka moon I'm referring it to june 5th..:D

P.S- No matter how you look it doesn't matter when you start loving it. Chand par bhi daag hain phir bhi we love it. :D


  1. Such a lovely post, Ankit :):) After reading this I'm falling in love with Moon all over again :) And PS was awesome...kya baat! :)

    1. Harshaa..:):)
      Thank you sooooo much.
      totally falling in love wid the moon over n over.:):)

  2. Loved it......beautiful write up Ankita...:)

    and yes, it all depends how we see at it...!!

    1. Irfan thanx for commenting.:)
      Yea thats right its just the way we see things :)

  3. That is such a lovely post <3


    1. Hey megha..:)
      yes checked ur blog i liked it..:)
      Thanx for visiting and commenting.

  4. Hello.
    Guess you're feeling romantic? I like how you intermingle the moon and love. Isn't it funny how love can be found in everything? When you find your special SRK, together you can share these same feelings under your very own moon (smile). Nice post Ankitha. Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

    1. Andy sir :):)
      Yes its totally funny n strange how v can relate every lil thing around us to love.
      Thanku for visiting and commenting.:)

  5. cute one....
    still i love to hea stories of moon even if there are stories of alienz from moon.

    1. Summy lol yea :)
      Thank you for visiting n commenting.:)

  6. good one anki...i love the P.S :):):)

  7. Hum to hain pardes main... des main nikla hoga chaand :) what beutiful pics..

    lovely post once again


    1. :)heey bikram :) i like those lines u commented.
      Uve added beauty with those words..:)
      thanku for visting and commenting.:)