Thursday, 28 February 2013

Is money more or less than Relations!  Relations < ,> Money..!

Life's teachings...
Its crazy to recognize people value Money over Relations..
How is it possible to value real over material..
A few relations who grow together n live together choose to let go that special bond
At a price , at  a value..
A few who have been there with others through thick and thin , they realize people turning off as they are not good (financially)
as on that day..!
Is it all about money..

Have v all reached there where only Materiality works?How can one not have gratitude..????
Where is life taking a few..
A friend leaving another or keeping distance.
One sibling over another.
A bond like marriage decided over money.
Is that what we learn today to leave one in time of need.

Life isn't just about money , standards its lot beyond them.
Yess , definitely have a well settled life.
Infact everybody aims for that but , If life has something else for a few.
The least u can do is be by them.
 If you choose the other way around. It just talks what you as a person are.

You can earn anytime in life but relations ones lost are lost forever.
Value what u have.
A few asked these I'm repeating them
"Can diamonds Hug you in time of need..???
 Can Audi give moral support ..??? "
Think over !
Well I feel very sad for people who have is only "MONEY"
Lot more lucky are those who value u it..!!!!!

"I said all this cause i really see people choose Money Over Relations."

P.S - Suno jeeyo khush raho.. kya patha kal ho na ho!


  1. hi nice blog ...i followed you..hope you would do the same...let me know...

  2. Money is definitely less than relationships! :)
    I like your blog! You've got a new follower! :)



  3. I loved the first pics' quote...and yes I have met quite some people who think everything can be brought by money..Hope God puts some sense into them..

  4. Money is a requisite for fulfillment of most wishes. But at same time, human relationships are not something that should be measured in terms of money.

  5. I LOVE that quote you've got there. There are some people so poor, that all they have is money. Brilliant!