Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Circle of Life

The thought I believe a lot in
It is simple but in reality it pays you hard
There are many moments in one’s life, where in they go out of their way to help someone
But in time of need don’t know why few just don’t turn back
They turn out to be learning lessons of LIFE,
It happened with me as well
Then I would wonder why only I am getting to LEARN these LESSONS?
A very normal questions which everybody asks, Why? Why me?
I questioned many times
As I grew up I realized, well! it is just the way we perceive
But here it goes the solution - Circle of life!
Good or bad deeds they will be paid
In my words- People who trouble others’ life, eventually trouble theirs
Everybody who is crying today, note, why did this happen with you?
Don’t worry soon you will get your answers.

Here goes a little story:
Akbar wanted Birbal to write something
which will bring a smile to the person who is upset in life,
and upset the one that is enjoying others’ happiness.
Guess what Birbal wrote :)
He wrote - this moment is temporary!

So when that was read by the man who was sad, he felt this too is temporary and time will pass by and he smiled :)
When read by the person who was happy enjoying others’ happiness, he went blank and thought, oh! is this a temporary moment?
Just that way
Life at one point could be very depressing. Just pass that stage and at the very next end you will see someone paying for their deeds!


  1. life is temporary too, that's why they say, live one day at a time...

  2. Yea vry true..Wateva u do gud or bad cums back 2u...beautifully said ankii...keep goin:) :)

  3. @Chintan- so true wel said..!
    @archana- Thanku so much for d encouragement..!

  4. Loved the way you supported your thoughts with an Akbar Birbal story. Nice post Ankit! :):)

  5. Lovely post! Its all karma.
    Loved the story, nice blog. Have a wonderful day Ankitha:)

  6. @Harsha- :) :) :) :P thank youu..:)
    @Arti-Thanks a lot for ur comment..:) totally its all about karma..
    Hav a gud day