Thursday, 22 September 2011

More than three mistakes made me a Graduate!

I am a graduate. It makes me feel amazing!

A lot of process happened in being me graduate :P
Just like many other students, I hated studying or even going to school. But at least at one point people will  adapt to it but, I would crib about it till my high school. 

I have two elder sisters, so it is quite obvious that they would help me in studying. My elder sister would be like my caretaker and would teach me all the subjects. My second sister was good at studies and I never liked that :P Even if she corrected me I wouldn’t take it. LOL!. I always underrated myself then but they always believed I would be able to do it. I would love to thank them for that. :)
Today I might be smiling or laughing about it, but at that time it was like a terror to me.

My way of preparation:

Initial days as My mom would teach ABC's n 123 so I have studied good till my mid-school. As subjects got complicated my marks also became complicated. Each time I would get the progress card I would nearly wet my pants to show it to mom. But would manage it after many such sessions which can’t be mentioned here for obvious reasons :P

Later my elder sister took up my responsibility!
I hated Telugu subject and would never score good in it. Telugu being my First language I had to score good. Grrr

My sister would set a question paper which I had to answer within the given time. [3hrs] So even after preparing for it I hardly use to remember anything. It was totally like short term memory loss :P LOL! Now, I am laughing while writing this. God knows what I would write, and my sister would start correcting it :P If any answer had "more than three mistakes" I had to redo it.

I would write decently good but somehow every answer would have more than three mistakes!
So imagine my plight as I would write it again and again. I would cry and plead that I will not repeat the same in the exam. But she would never listen. She would even hit me :P [I know my sister is reading this and will say anki I would equally feel bad..I know I know..:)]

Whole day would pass in that room but I would never complete my exam. I would stay up all night studying. But never thought that even my sister is staying up for me.

Ooooh then all those preparations would go on and on.

At last exams started and also got done. I was freaking out on the day of results. Then the results would come in Newspaper, and after a lot of search, suddenly my sister found my number ******(80%) Aaaah  what a moment of happiness :)

As I entered college for Intermediate (10+2) I have realized that I am trusted which I wanted to live up to. Studying with friends over phones and all was fun so two years
Masti + studying = cleared my inter..:)

Then Degree, I had equal number of practical and theory papers.
I would enjoy theory more than practical as I was from civics background. But again I had no option! The limit was when OU (Osmania University) decided that 70% of scores would be given for external exams and 30% for practicals.

I had to slog day and night, frankly speaking no, my second sister would write 90% of my projects. So again things were taken care by my sister. Though I would never listen to her but ultimately she’s been a part of me being a grad. She would teach me all the practical papers. My friends and me would do combine studies through day and night. There were few friends who helped me out of the way for practical exams.

All three years passed by with: Masti+cribbing+projects+outings in the name of projects..:)

With all that today I am finally a Graduate. Isn't it awesome. A big thanks for all of them. :):) Who have been a reason for me being a graduate! At times silent support has also been amazingly encouraging. Also for believing in me more than I did.

And I believe in me today!


  1. Congrats Ankitha...One milestone crossed and enjoy the moment, then, gear up for the next one...:)

  2. nice post. Its so pleasure to look back to our past life especially school days

  3. @Saru- Thank you so much for stopping..:) well i'm still in progess..:)
    @Jidhu-Thank you for being so gud..! I totally agree school days are amzaing to recollect.:)

  4. very well put....everyone can somewhere relate this...its time for u to provide that support n push to someone in need of it...

  5. Congratulations, a wonderful world awaits.

  6. congrats...


    sigh, the best part of the life is behind you :) but better is yet to come :)

  7. Chintan- Thanku:-) Oh Yea totally waiting for better to come my way:-)