Wednesday, 23 November 2011

P.S. I Love You

"Go on. It´s time, baby... P.S. I love you" - Gerry
"I love you till the end " - Gerry & Holly

To start with I could not think of anything else than this. I have been trying to complete this post from long, for some reason it didn't happen. I am so sure most of you have watched 'P.S. I Love You' and agree with me. Who have not seen it "Please do watch it". I bet u will agree with me its worth watching.

Actually one of my friend has just blogged about the movie and she has done it really good.

I must have seen this movie like "n" times. This movie at the end leaves everyone with a smile and tinge of a tear. What can get better than that. This movie totally redefines " Love". At least in my perception. What is nice about this movie is the way they show the feeling of being complete in one's absence as well. The characters Holly and Gerry do their bit very naturally.

The efforts of making Holly realize her roots. "See, I don't worry about you remembering me, it´s that girl on the road you keep forgetting" -Gerry

Reminding her that she is a girl who wants to create something.

"Look for a sign, you´ll know what to do. P.S. I love you" - Gerry

I am sure you also have someone for you who will love you endlessly. So should you love someone endlessly. That's exactly I wanna talk about. Everyone at some or the other point in life will have commitments in personal and professional life. It is very important to balance to what I have seen.

I know its very tiring and gets difficult to manage, you will need a break. Hell yes! Take a break from your 'work' not 'relations'.

"It was a bad, bad thing I did and I am so sorry, love" -Holly

Why do we take few relations for granted? Why do we realize its value when it is gone?
Its never too late, you can make it up now! Gerry and Holly have an arguement about an apartment & Holly screams her throat out.

But when her boss and his wife have and issue she understands her boss. Why? Is it needed that only after things being out of control we need to realize?

We have personally complicated our lives by loving material things and using people. Its actually the other way round use things and love people. Its time we understand the difference.

"Thank you for the honor of being my wife. I´m a man with no regrets" -Gerry 

Dont live with regrets. Just make an effort.. :) Make him/her in your life feel special around you.
Those little things improve relations. Ups and downs are common if not there will be no value for good things.

Relations can't be perfect. We gotta make them perfect.

"P.S- Look for a sign and love till the end."

Ankitha :)


  1. Hey Ankitha, you wrote it so nicely that I will watch it again this weekend. You wrote the line above PS so beautifully.

    It takes a lot to make a relation perfect:)

  2. Ankit, you have written this so well! So beautifully you have brought out the essence of the movie. :):) Way to go! :)

  3. Hello.
    I've not seen this movie.

    In order for a relationship to be as perfect as it can be in an imperfect world, both parties involved have to nurture & cherish it. Life has its ups & downs, good times & bad, but when you work as a team, you can conquer all the bad stuff & embrace the good together. That way you grow as a couple & in my opinion brings you closer.

    Nice post.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I've read the book and seen the movie as well.So wonderfully written. Very practical. Every relation there are bound to be a few strains, that doesn't mean it is the end of it. We have to put in efforts to ensure that the relationship goes smooth.

  5. Its a wonderful movie and book.. and this is a very nice post with a good message!

  6. I agree with you. I saw that movie a year ago...and yes it carries a beautiful message! Nice to read your view!

  7. @Saru-Hey saruu..:) :) Thank you so much fr visting..:) Oh yea m glad u will watch it believe its worth..! Yes it takes a lot to make a relation perfect..Agreed but "Look for a sign..:)

    @Andy sir- Totally sir when v work towards it together its always gud.:)Ive taken ur words into total consideration.:)
    For sure i wil visit ur blog.:)

    @Ashwini- Thank you much for that.. M glad what i wanna put forward has cum in d right way..:)

    @Krishnapriya-Thank you so much.:)

    @Jovy thomas-I know d movie has an amazing message..:) Thanku fr visting my blog..:):)

  8. So delicately crafted !!! Divine love couldn't define in a better way !! Actually I haven't seen that movie yet, but you can't have an idea how desperate I am right now to watch it !!!!
    Lovely post and might love today happen this way in real as well !!!!
    Love you for it and keep posting!

  9. @Ashwini - Yeah i checked n commented..:)
    @Veby- Thank u so much for loving it so much...:):) that gives a lot encouragement..:):)
    ooh yes pls do watch d movie its worth watching..!