Saturday, 29 October 2011


No one can eat just one! Ummm now that means I am gonna talk about food. You know what, I am not writing this because I have to write a post. But : ( : ( 

Now don't ask me why am I sad. Okay now that you’ll are probably keen on knowing why, I better tell you.  

I want to have brownies from Mumbai!. They are from SleightofHand at Mumbai. They taste so yuuummm. Oh my god. You just take them in and they melt like aaaaaah. :) Like an ice cream  melts within no time. Anyone reading this stays in Mumbai, please go and taste it there. Just chocolate brownie.. :) Please everyone reading this visit the above site. You will know why I love them so much. 

Now coming to the point, why am I sad?

I stay at Hyderabad and so obviously I can't go all the way to Mumbai only to eat brownies. Sadly I don’t know anyone who stays there so no one to send it from there! Now I am not expecting anyone to surprise me, well I wouldn’t mind if anyone does so :P

I can place an online order for them and they can courier it, but my mom will eat me raw if I do so. Heheheh..:P As I bought them just last week.

Brownies from there are so so yuuummmyyy.. Ahh! No one can eat just one.

PS: I am open for surprises. :)


  1. I wish I could send you some dear..But, no luck, I'm far far away!

  2. Hehe.. nice post :) Mom will eat raw..Lol I like this! :):) Asalu you are promoting these guys superbly!

  3. Hey, Hi
    brownies....they way they melt in your mouth.....*sllluurrrp*
    wrong timing on your blog...i sooooo miss mumbai n its food...n well, i am pretty straved too..


    try putting them in teh microwave for 15 secs before you pop them in tyour mouth...(i.e. if u already dont do them..)
    hmmm...*sigh* am starving...

    if anyone does surprise you, do let them knw there is one more guy waiting for his surprise too.. ;-)

    Eon Heath...

  4. @ Saru - How sweet of u..:):) Thank you so much..:)
    @ Harsha - Kadaaa m promoting them kadaa..! Yea for sure mom will eat me raw.:P Neways thanx..:)
    @ Eon heath - Heheheh when i get suprised For sure i will pass on ur msg..:):P
    chalo coz of my post u also startd missing Mumbai..:)
    Hmmmm d fact reamins nobody suprised me..!!!
    Thanku so much..:)

  5. Aww!!! You have so totally melted me :( I miss Bangalore for the Kahwa they serve at Char-Bar leela....

    I wish I could teleport pack some and drop at your door step :(

    *hugs* hope this helps...

  6. @Blunt blogger (Chintan) Aaaw thankuu..:) yea as of now m gud wid that hug n ur thout thanku..:)

    Oooh yea i wish i cud send u khawa..:)