Sunday, 15 January 2012


Blah blah blah!

:):) I have nothing special to write but I just wanna write.

My day started off with I lazing around. Don't know what's nice about today. But it makes me feel good and excited. The climate is sooo good. :) Wooww! Everyone wants to cuddle. With few of my all time favorite numbers I'm enjoying the climate. Mausam ke sargam ko sun kya gaa raha hain sama.. Watched a few movies I missed earlier. They were too good. :) Bugged my brother, irritated my sister and troubled my friends.

They end up telling "I'M CRAZY" Woh tho main hu. :P God knows what's wrong with Hydeabad! The city seems dead with no nice places to shop. And Facebook has become funny :):) People have all the world's glory time to upload every minute detail of their personal life on FB! Obviously its their personal choice. But it just makes me laugh! :p

Lunch was yummmy..:):) Chicken ummm! Then I had some great sleep. All through the afternoon I slept properly. Now it is 5.30 pm, thats my tea time. I'm waiting for my sister to get tea while singing ek garam chai ki pyaali ho koi usko pilaane waala ho!

My mom wonders who will manage me later! It's okay maa don't worry..:)

My playlist now is :
  1. Chookar mere maan ko kiya tune kya ishara
  2. Gaate the pehle akele aaj gaata hain sara zamana.
It's time for me to watch Dance India Dance. Well mom's calling me so gotta go. Take care all of you. I will keep updating my madness to you all.

P.S.:- aksar log kehte hain ye haal pyaar mein hota hain..:) Well! I'm totally safe and not into it as of now. It's just me..:)


  1. Heheh..:) That was a very cute post! :) Yeah crazy toh tum ho..:) Chookar mere man ko .. aww I love the song! Cheers! :):)

  2. had nothing special to write yet u wrote so many things.. :)
    ..ek garam chai ki pyali ho..dats one among my fav songs..
    ..dat song gels well while havin a cup of hot tea..
    ..keep writing ankita..n thanks fr dropping by my blog.. :) ;)

  3. both are beautiful songs.

  4. @Harsha- Heheheh haan crazy tho I am..:):P Cheerss evn i love that soong..:) thank uuu soooooooo much harsha..:)

    @Rigzin - Hey thanks for checking my blog..:):)
    Thanx for comments as well..:) I totally appreciate ur sketches...!
    That song na i know it goess to gud while having tea..:)

    @Sm - I know nice tracks ..:):) thanku for commenting..:)

  5. So absolutely random you are, girl! :) You remind me of myself three years back.. :D

    And yes, I love that song too:)

  6. Very random post but I like randomness.

  7. ahaaan...the best job ever is to pamper yourself..n i think u excel in it :) :) keep it going!