Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Who will protect me?

Let me think.

Firstly Happy New Year everybody :):) Hope this year brings in happiness everywhere and that everyone remains safe :)

Oh I forgot! Now this reminds me that girls are not protected. Are you wondering why? Don’t!
Respected DGP, Mr. Dinesh Reddy states this in reference to the growing number of rapes - Women ARE responsible! "Fashionable women get raped"

Well! Come on girls don’t you agree with him, huh? Bloody hell! He is in a post wherein he talks and states anything he wishes to, and we expect to get justice out of people like him.

Sir, you are in a respected post and we trust and rely on you for justice. And this is what women get to hear? I wonder which era you belong to, Sir.

Or are men small babies that they see girls being fashionable and can’t resist? No? Then what?

Reportedly, a 40-year-old man attempted to rape a six year old girl in Vizag. The girl MUST have dressed provocatively at an age of 6. Parkwood International School’s director is alleged to have taken physical advantage of more than one of his students. Uniform is DEFINITELY inappropriate dressing, I suppose. - in references to the articles I read.

It has become a problem if a girl walks alone in the streets, a Maths lecturer rapes his student, auto driver rapes a small kid who is going to school, school principal calls students and misbehaves with girls and those little ones don’t even know what their respected Principal is doing! Pathetic! And all the blame goes to the attire of girls? This is such a disgrace to hear it from DGP.

"We can control faction crimes and murders by rowdy elements but not family disputes and sexual jealousy murders"

Well is this what you said while taking your oath, Sir? I wonder. I agree few girls have become fashionable to an extent where the society at times finds offensive, but please, that will never mean that girls step out giving license to every guy to do what they wish. Do we have to take permission from the Government to wear what we like, and if found inappropriate then they won’t protect you, is it Sir? So does that mean if I wear Indian dresses and cover myself from head to toe I am totally protected? We never know!

I request, please stop this when you are unable to provide safety. Admit it or don’t talk, but please don’t pass such statements. Such statements are insulting men as well. You are taking every guy under your perception.

"DISGRACE" is the word! I really want to pass this message to everyone out there. A girl is being used and a girl is being blamed. Ridiculous! We don’t expect this. Please learn to respect women or what will you answer to your mom, sister, wife or daughter? Please think.
I am sorry if I have hurt anyone.

P.S.: Avoid "nuts" coz you are what you eat!


  1. "So does that mean if I wear Indian dresses and cover myself from head to toe I am totally protected? " - A very valid question indeed.

  2. its a fault of man ...but woman can wear neatly

  3. yes.....our society needs to learn to respect women....

    thoughtful post....!!!

  4. Hello Ankitha.
    It sickens me to think there are STILL these ignorant & foolish men who believe it is the woman's fault for being raped, abused or molested based upon what she's wearing!

    Women are like flowers, they should be nurtured & cherished in order for them to grow. Women are also like queens who should be adorned & put up high on a pedestal to be worshiped.

    Not only is this man disrespecting women with his ignorant voice, he's also disrespecting his mom, his sisters & every other woman in his life!

    A very thought-provoking post from you Ankitha.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I appreciate the visit, comment & follow too. I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower as well. Hope you will stop by again soon & often! (smile)

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  5. @ Jyothi - Thank you so much for visiting. Exactly I wish they answer to these questions... Thank you so much Lady..:)

    @Jose - Yes i accept women can wear neatly .. But sucha statement is a DISGRACE to women.. Thanku for being a man and supporting the right one..! cheers to that..
    Thankuu for visting n commenting..:)

    @Irfanuddin - Like hell ! I respect that..:) Thanku for commenting..:)

    @Andy - Thanku for visting , commenting n encouraging me ..:)All the respect u have towards women is amazing.. I totally respect that sir..:) Thanku for being So kind towards women through ur posts ,thouts n comments as well..:):)M ver glad..:)