Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The magic you can create

Magic, you can do.

Suddenly there is this moment where in someone feels too hard inside. No matter how much they try, that feeling cannot be expressed. But it could be evident only if seen within, which is humanly impossible. (I know that. :P )

That’s when you can do "MAGIC" Guess, how? Keep guessing.

Not shopping, a little more guessing please.
No, not watching a movie either.
which bursts the clouds, and then there is a heavy pour of tears.

It is called,
"Hug" Arey yaar Jadoo ki  jhappi!

Hug is a way of saying ‘Hello’. It also has a way to show appreciation to another for any reason. It can be a form of sympathy and at times a congratulatory one. So basically they are magic wands at free of cost. "Free hugs". Kanjoos mat bano yar. ;)

Whenever you feel anyone is in need of some support, just give a warm hug to them! When in need you will get it. Now let us do something. Recollect these beautiful hugs in your life while reading through the following points. I bet you will smile. :)

  • Birthday hugs in celebration of your life and existence :) (Haapppyy Birthday with a huuuggg)
  • Random hugs Jab pyaar aye tab. (What’s up! with a hug)
  • Hugs when you needed them the most and given unexpectedly. These are the best, no? :) (Saying 'Kya hua yaar, what’s with that face?' with a hug)
  • Awaited hugs (aaah I wish I could hug SRK :))
  • A friend whom you meet daily and still you need a hug from them.
  • When someone is leaving, that hug which indicates assurance and which can build trust and confidence! :) :)
Hugs are Magical! Aren’t they?
PS: Now please do not misuse this beautiful feeling.


  1. Lovely post, Ankit. Hugs of course are magical. :) No, I won't misuse this beautiful feeling :p


  2. Indeed it is...Magical post...XOXOXX


  3. @Saru Thank you so much, Saru! :)XO
    @Valli How sweet. :) Thanks much, Valli.:)

  4. very true.
    lovely post:)

  5. @ Reddy - Thank you so much :) <3 hugs..:)